Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: A Visit to A Wedding Fair!

In honor of "Wedding Wednesday" I thought it might be fun to show you all some pictures from a wedding fair my mom and I went to over the weekend!

Truth be told, this was not our first fair. We actually found out about one a couple of weeks after I got engaged and were so excited, we bought tickets to that one without researching it at all. BIG MISTAKE. It was, to be honest, completely awful. Full of tacky vendors and horrible cheesy ideas... I was horrified. 

Since then I've been a little leery of wedding fairs... but surprise surprise, I entered a contest on the wedding blog 100 Layer Cake and actually won! My prize was two tickets to the Wedding Love Tour in Manhattan Beach, and my mom and I spent a few hours there on Sunday and had a very nice time. 

Listen, I love gold glitter more than anything, but even I know the flatware does not need it... that being said, it sure is pretty!

Enormous balloons. I'm obsessed. These are SO fun. 

Look at these gorgeous florals! I absolutely love anemones and thought these bouquets were amazing.

Obviously our favorite part of the fair... sampling treats...

... the funfetti cupcakes were OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Haha mama. Such a little cutie pie.

Of course, we finished our afternoon with a little jaunt inside the photo booth. How could we not?!

There were videographers, registry experts, dress designers, planners & coordinators, calligraphers, you name it. It was a MUCH better experience than the first fair we went to and we actually really enjoyed ourselves.

And speaking of wedding fairs... I'm MOST excited for one that's coming up in a few weeks, put on by none other than my own wedding planners! Bash, Please hosts The Cream every year, and by all accounts it is the wedding fair of all wedding fairs. I cannot wait... I promise to give you all a full report!!! 

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