Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fabulous Fashion Finds for Father! (Sue Me, I Love Alliteration.)

WELL! Here is a fun thing. Ya'll know Shopbop, right? Did you know they have a partner site, East Dane, that exclusively sells men's clothes?

Well, I sure did. (Any excuse to online shop, right?) I love the brands they sell and I LOVE me some free shipping and returns. So I was delighted when East Dane contacted me last week to see if I could help spread the word about some of their new arrivals in time for Father's Day, which is coming up faster than you'd think - Sunday, June 15th! Just a few weeks away!

I enlisted the assistance of my darling fiance, who gave me several minutes of his time and offered his opinions on the various items I selected below. Ram agreed that all these things would be great for a dad/something a dad would enjoy getting on Father's Day, but really, I think that any of these could work for just about any guy. And bonus: every single item except for the sunglasses cost less than $100! 

Here's what we chose...

A polo is a quintessential "guy" staple - they look good on everyone. This color is bright and fun and perfect for summer.

Dads have phones. Dads phones need charging. Voila! This portable iPhone charger is sleek (it fits inside a wallet!) and perfect for the dad on the go. Sidenote: I have one of these (granted, mine is white with red hearts all over it, and I charge it up every day and use it CONSTANTLY.)

"You want a coffee table book that you actually would read and wouldn't be embarrassed for people to see you own," says my soon-to-be-husband. With this awesome 500+ page edition, your dad will get to remember and reminisce about all the awesome music he loved listening to growing up. Plus, it's $20 - an amazing price if you're on a budget!

Is your dad stylish? If yes, great, you lucky thing. If not, yikes - get him a pair of these straight leg, "normal color" (thanks Ram) jeans. They're an awesome basic every guy should have in his closet. 

R has these boat shoes, and loves them. He calls them "the perfect combination of style, sophistication, and comfort" - what Dad wouldn't want that?! I like the brown leather version, but the navy blue is also a favorite of mine.

A total no-brainer. The world's coolest sunglasses. (They look great on ladies too!)

Father's Day happens to fall in the beginning of summer, so if your father is the type who likes swimming and boating and other outdoorsy things, why not "accidentally on purpose" lose his old faded Tommy Bahama trunks and get him a new bathing suit? I'm partial to this one... neutral with a little fun twist!

"I like this shirt because even if you're wearing it with a casual pair of shorts, you could still go out to the market or something and still feel like you're dressed in non-shlubby clothes." Thanks Ram. Well put. I'm a huge fan of anything striped, plus this shirt is actually linen, not cotton, which dresses it up a bit. I kinda love it. I kinda want it for myself.

These are also jeans, but they don't look it - they can be dressed down with a casual shirt or elevated with a nice button-down and good shoes. Ram likes the dark color. I'm personally annoyed the color is called "Smoked Kale" but everyone makes mistakes :)

This basic black duffel works for travel, for gym clothes, you name it. It's canvas, so it's super sturdy, and just the right size - not too big and not too small!

So there you have it, friends. Some awesome goodies to buy for Dad - or any other handsome gent in your life!

Please note: This post was sponsored by East Dane, but both E.D. & Shopbop are websites that I love to shop regularly and can highly recommend!

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