Tuesday, July 8, 2014

#Bachelorette? #Bacheloraff!

 I feel like I have been waiting ages to write this post. I mean, seriously - I've been waiting since we got engaged! 

It's finally here...  MY BACHELORETTE PARTY!!!!!!!!!!

And by "party" I mean "weekend" and by "weekend" I mean "five-day vacation" :) #gobigorgohome, right?! 

So... where are we going?

We are going to beautiful TUCSON, ARIZONA, also known as where I spent four glorious fun-filled years in college having the time of my life. Tucson is where I made some of my most important lifelong friendships, it's where I learned how to be an independent adult and make important decisions, and it's where I truly became who I am today... I have known for YEARS, even before meeting Ram, that when the time came for my bachelorette party, I would be dragging the whole crew back to good ole' Tucson. 

And by whole crew, I mean it - there will be NINETEEN OF US there all weekend, drinking and laughing and eating and dancing and swimming and tanning - I CANNOT WAIT!!! Here are some of the things I'm bringing along with me:

ONE: I saw this beautiful dress hanging on the rack in Anthropologie - there was one left, my size, and it fit perfectly. I've been saving it for a special occasion - I think this fits the bill, don't you?! 

TWO: My go-to travel bag - a brightly colored Mara Hoffman tote. Fits everything = perfect for the pool! (Mine's not available anymore, but how cute is this one?)

THREE: I cannot wait to lay out by the pool surrounded by all my best friends. I'll be the one wearing this chic little black bathing suit :)

FOUR: I bought this dress from ASOS especially to wear this weekend - I just fell in love with the bright fuschia color and the swinginess!

FIVE: Basic black shorts get snazzy with scalloped edges. On sale from the Gap!

SIX: I just picked up this little breezy tank from Anthro last weekend. Mine is a darker green, but how pretty is the mint color?

SEVEN: A girls weekend calls for HOT PINK LIPSTICK

EIGHT: My new favorite Tory Burch wedges. They are ridiculously comfortable - I am not kidding, I can walk in these for HOURS - and leopard to boot!

NINE: I've blogged about this makeup bag before - so gorgeous, so inexpensive, so colorful, so unique... so ME! 

TEN: This J.Crew necklace is my go-to when I want to add a little extra bling... this one is sold out now, but I also have this one and love it!

ELEVEN: As soon as I saw the color of this nail polish, I knew it was meant to be... it's called BACHELORETTE BASH!!!

TWELVE: Everybody looks better with a tan :) Using these tan towel wipes is the quickest and safest and easiest way to get one!

So I leave tomorrow morning to meet two of my best friends in the Tuc (yes it's going to be approximately 112 degrees, no I don't really mind #itsadryheat) and then on Friday, my sister and all my other beautiful girlfriends arrive bright and early for a whole weekend of shenanigans :) 

If you want to follow along on the fun on Instagram, check #bacheloraff :) I can't make any promises as to how well behaved we'll be but I know we'll be having THE TIME OF OUR LIVES!!!!! 

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dove m. said...

I just freaked out and bought those shorts!!! have fun!! xxoo