Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Emmy Review: Loving Red, White, & Blue!

Last night we had some pals come over for pizza and salad and Emmy-watching on my couch on my mother's couch (since she is my roomie and landlord these days while we wait for our remodeling to be done). The show was blah, sort of predictable, but the clothes were pretty good so I'm happy!

Before we chat about the fashion let me just say I HATED that the Emmy's were on a Monday. Like, the red carpet started while I still had an hour of work left. I rushed home in traffic and didn't even get to do my usual elaborate award show preparations, AKA, make a sick cheese plate. #bringbacktheSundaynightEmmy's 

Anyway, I did my usual perusal of InStyle mag's red carpet coverage to determine my Best Dressed of the evening and you know what? This year, there was a THEME! Every dress I loved was either red, white, or blue-ish... what a delightful patriotic coincidence! #godblessAmerica

Enough hashtags and enough blabbering. Let me show you what I loved!


Claire Danes, Kaley Cuoco, and Sarah Hyland are pretty in pinkish red! Of these, I like Sarah's look the best - it's SO young and fun, it's making me re-think my dislike of crop tops. I also like Claire's side cut peekaboos, in a similar vein. Kaley's dress is a little wacky but you know I love me a poufy ruffle with a hot pink detail. Cute ladies!


Maybe it's cuz I'm in permanent bridal mode but I was really drawn to white on the red carpet this year! Padma Lakshmi is always dressed impeccably and this gown is stunning - minimalist and chic and sleek. I love me a huge-ass bow so I am all about Julianne Hough and I bet Ryan Seacrest is feeling sad he kicked her to the curb right about now. And finally, Allison Williams, who I actually HATE, is wearing maybe one of the most beautiful dresses I have ever seen - I LOVE that full white skirt and the  yellow band around her waist with the black velvet tie. 


Navy is REALLY having a moment now, isn't it? It looks fabulous on redheads, as Debra Messing is demonstrating for us - I love the asymmetrical cut-outs on her gown. I also am loving Natasha Lyonne's short mermaid/peplum-esque lace dress - the length is perfect! Just wish she had worn cooler shoes. And finally, my beloved Julia went and surprised us all in a very edgy, funky beaded number - I'm also loving the length on this one. Another all-time fave!

Okay I cannot lie... I have one more, and it DIDN'T fit in with my theme... Samira Wiley in BRIGHT NEON YELLOW!

Girlfriend is killing ittttttt. She's my favorite OITNB character and my favorite of the whole red carpet! That florescent yellow is seriously perfect with her gorgeous dark skin.

That's a wrap, folks! See ya'll back on the red carpet at the Golden Globes, which, on that subject, MINDY KALING BETTER BE NOMINATED FOR AT LEAST ONE. That's all, I'm done.

PS. Two posts in two days! Aren't you proud?! Cross your fingers this momentum keeps going.

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