Thursday, September 18, 2014

New House, New House, New House!

Hello? Is anyone even out there? Considering it’s been weeks since I last popped in, I wouldn't blame you if you all jumped ship.

I personally hate reading blogs where the author just talks about how busy she is all of the time, but… that’s where I am right now. Between the wedding and the house, my to-do list is approximately one million items long (and color-coded, if you must know how crazy I really am), and unfortunately the ole’ blog is suffering because of it. But I do promise that when we are finally moved in – which should happen, oh, about TWO WEEKS before the wedding – I will give you all a FULL, DETAILED, GRAND PLAY BY PLAY on everything. I have grand plans for posts on every single solitary detail of the wedding, don’t you worry :)

In the meantime we can talk about the house for a little bit!

I CAN’T WAIT to blog about all the “before’s and after’s” about all the construction we are doing in our new house. It is SO exciting to see all the new things we’ve picked out finally going in! This whole process is an excellent lesson in patience for someone like me, who likes for things to be done IMMEDIATELY ASAP AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE. For the first month of renovations, I couldn’t see any differences from day to day and it was driving me crazy. I kept calling it “the boring stuff” and I think my contractor (who is EXCELLENT by the way, if you live in Los Angeles PLEASE email me and I will refer him!) was going to kill me. He explained over and over that what I called “the boring stuff” was actually the most important – laying the right foundation, sanding and priming each surface carefully, installing recessed lighting before painting, doing it all the right way the first time, etc etc. Obviously I knew that, but it didn’t mean I didn’t have the occasional whine fest :)

Now, a month and a half in, the exciting stuff is finally starting to happen! Our kitchen cabinets and countertops are in - that was crazy. Can't wait to show off pics. I picked white and glass cabinets with chrome hardware, a gorgeous white flecked Caesarstone for the counters and the island, and the most beautiful kitchen backsplash EVER which has yet to be installed or I would be showing pics right now :( Here's a little sneak peek!

We picked appliances! That was a fun three hour excursion to Lowe's, my new favorite place and one that I frequent at least twice a week now #homeownerproblems. We will have a French-door refrigerator, which I am particularly excited about - Ramz is not on board with it quite yet ("Why is the freezer on the bottom?!") but I know he'll come around once it's stocked with hummus and beer :) 

I hate beige. I think it is the most boring non-color of all time. I don't want anything in our new house to be beige. I painted the entire house a nice, creamy white - Dunn Edwards "Droplets" - and the whole house looks completely different already! The outside of the house was beige and is currently being painted a pale grey, which looks great with our door, which is a beautiful bright red! I ordered new house numbers (these to be exact) and new outdoor lanterns (these to be exact) and can't wait for them to be installed :) Now to find a fabulous snazzy doormat... any suggestions?

One of the most exciting things we've done lately? We bought a couch!!!!! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for a new couch for AGES. When I moved into my first apartment after graduating college, my parents bought me a couch that I loved at the time. Seven years later (and one ENTHUSIASTIC RUNNING LEAP TO SEE THE MAD MEN PREMIERE by my darling fiance that broke the springs on the entire left side), that couch had seen its LAST DAYS. We took it apart and left it by the dumpster when we moved and I couldn't have been happier to see it go. In the new house we will have a beautiful new sectional from Crate & Barrel! I picked out a beautiful tweedy grey fabric and in 10-12 weeks we will be sitting pretty on that baby watching TV and keeping all food and drinks far, far away from it :)

WHEW! This post was kind of like word-vomit. I think I had to get it all out. I am SO excited and so overwhelmed I think I'm going crazy. THIRTY SEVEN DAYS TIL OUR WEDDING and our contractor promises we'll be in the house in less than two weeks. SEND PRAYERS FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!


Galia said...

Kind of digging this door mat with red accent (link below) or anything custom from them. Maybe j+r ?

P.S I LOVE reading your blog. xo said...

Wedding planning is amazing. I also want to get married, I wish you happiness!

Hope Underwood said...

I can almost feel your excitement, Jordan! And it's quite understandable; renovating and redesigning your home is a fun activity, and it lets you set the tone of the room for quite some time. I hope you could post some photos of the progress of our home. Your followers will definitely appreciate it. Thanks for sharing!

Hope Underwood @ Level and Square Construction

Jefferson said...

Weddings are among the best things in the world. Glad to see you used a creamy white to paint the house. I am also not a fan of the beige color. Pale grey is also great for an outdoor color and is very similar to ours. Ours is a blue, grey but very light. It looks nice I am sure you would like.

Jefferson @ T.J. Lamb Real Estate