Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Day of Thanks

Happy belated TG, ya'll! 

Even though we had no furniture, even though everyone had to sit on little poufs instead of real couches, even though I had to rent tables and chairs, Thanksgiving at our new house turned out pretty darn great after all :)

We started cooking two days before, me and my mom and Bay and Ram. I have to say, it was SO fun getting to use a) the new kitchen to cook and host for such a big group and b) all our new kitchen wedding gifts!!! I was all like "TRIVET? YOU NEED A TRIVET? YOU WANT SOME BRAND SPANKIN' NEW TUPPERWARE? I GOT YOU." 

My sis came in town on Tuesday night - we had the best time together all weekend long. When the cooking started, she was equal parts helpful and distracting. Here she is convincing my husband that after the two of them spent, ohhhh maybe 20 minutes arranging the cheese platter, that it was time for them to "exercise" and "do yoga." Cue the stretching and downward dog-ing in my kitchen while I was arm-deep in making stuffing. #thesetwo 

Here are some pictures of our tables, before the guests arrived! My mom let me borrow some of her chargers and silverware so the tables all matched :) We went with white tablecloths, burlap runners, silver chargers, black cloth napkins, and gold napkin rings, complete with little turkey candlestick holders. Martha Jewart looooves her a Thanksgiving tablescape!

#nofurniture #ugh 

Here are some of the apps - I set out a delish cheese spread with different types of crackers, fig jam (inside that little turkey holder!), nuts, truffle salami, and turkey-bacon wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese. SO GOOD THAT I ACCIDENTALLY KINDA FILLED UP ON THESE.

Ram's mom created the cutest veggie platter shaped like a turkey! I love it.

And here's our feast! Everyone contributed and it was all so, so yummy. My mom barbecued a turkey and my uncle fried another one - literally in my backyard, next to my pool! Thank god we live in LA and it was 75 degrees :) I ended up making macaroni & cheese, chicken apple sausage stuffing, charred onion dip, mashed potatoes, and roasted potato stacks (by far the clear winner, we had zero leftover). We also had brussels sprouts salad, roasted green beans, sweet potato pie, arugula/squash/pomegranate seed salad, cornbread muffins, and two kinds of cranberry sauce. YUM. YUM. YUM. 

Don't even get me started on dessert. There were like 20 pies. I couldn't even stage this photo properly and make it look nice, we were all so full and lazy! I had the smores one (made by my aunt) and it was PHENOMENAL. 

Me and my cute boo. Such a good host, he is. (PS. The night before Thanksgiving, our new bookcase - that stunning brass beauty you see peeking out behind us) was delivered and I went CRAZY arranging it with all our pretty frames and books and Judaica and stuff. I NEED MORE FURNITURE GUYS, IM DYING WITHOUT IT. MY STUFF NEEDS A HOME!!!!!)

I am so, so thankful for so many things: wonderful family and amazing friends, the health and happiness of everyone I love, our new home, and of course, the love of my life. I never take any of it for granted - I think to myself all the time about how I am so very grateful for my life. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday celebrating with your loved ones too!


Allison Darling said...

Jordy, it all looks so amazing!! I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!! NOW give me that bookcase and pies!

bailey said...

what a wonderful hostess! many many many more celebrations together in that gorgeous house of yours!! XOXOX