Monday, April 28, 2014

Life Lately

I’m back.

WOW that was a long disappearance – like three weeks!? Sorry everyone. I have had a TON going on the past few weeks… but I really shouldn’t have neglected the ole blog for so long. Here, I’ll do a post and catch you all up on everything that’s been going on lately!

Perks of working for a Jewish nonprofit – we randomly got a TON of days off in the middle of the week for Passover. I literally took off two days of work and got a TEN DAY VACATION because of it. First stop? New York! Highlights included celebrating my beautiful mom’s birthday….

Visiting Columbia University, Rami’s alma mater – it was the most gorgeous day and so fun seeing where he went to college…

And goofing off with my sis of course. Still so freaking jealous of her pink cardigan.

So those were the highlights. The low point of the trip? Well that would have to be waking up in the middle of the night and proceeding to puke for the entire next day. Guys, I have NEVER been so sick in my entire life – I had to cancel my flight home since I physically could not move. I thought it was just an epically bad case of food poisoning… until my mom and aunt came down with it too. Twenty-four hours later, I was fine, but no joke, I could not even look at food for like four days. #saltines It was seriously traumatizing, I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

Luckily I recovered just in time for an epic surprise…. R’s birthday was April 18th and for weeks I had been telling him about the little weekend getaway we were going to take to Palm Springs. We packed our bags, put on our sunscreen, prepared to lock up the apartment... and then… SURPRISE! Ram’s friends rolled up in a van, “kidnapped” him for his Surprise Birthday Bachelor Party Weekend Extravaganza, and whisked him off to MEXICO! I had been in on it all along and came up with the Palm Springs idea in order to get him to pack a suitcase with his tropical gear and bathing suits and sunscreen and all that, plus met up with his friend a day earlier to give him his Passport! Such a sneaky wife-to-be. I snapped a couple pics before they whisked him away – doesn’t he look slightly terrified!?

My own suitcase did not go to waste… I had ALWAYS planned on being in Palm Springs all along! My mom and I headed down with some pals for a couple of days in the sunshine – we swam, tanned, enjoyed the beautiful weather and gorgeous palm trees… it was a nice little getaway.

And how’s this for funny… we realized after we booked the trip that R’s parents were going to be at the exact same hotel at the exact same time! So we all hung out and spent some QT together. So fun.

Other highlights from my “spring break” – I’ve started the hunt for our wedding invitations! Our planners took us to two amazing little stationery shops, Sugar Paper and Urbanic, and we got lots of great ideas. Can’t wait to show you guys. I’m fully obsessed with calligraphy – how am I ever going to narrow it down and pick one style?!

We finished off the break with a fun celebration for R’s birthday that I actually got to take part in – a whole bunch of our pals joined us for dinner to celebrate his big 3-1! I love our friends so much. I literally cannot wait to dance the night away at our wedding – JUST SIX MONTHS AWAY!

So there’s the update on life lately. I promise I am going to try to be better about posting regularly! Here – I’ll even give you a little preview about some upcoming posts so you can hold me to it… I’ll be blogging about some amazing new makeup/beauty finds, all about my new workout obsession (yes even I cannot believe I typed those words), and a fun wedding update I realized I never shared with you :) so stick around! The Queen is back!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shoe Showdown

True or false: I may have gone overboard on the shoe shopping this weekend.

If you guessed true, you are correct! Your prize is... nothing, since all of my money has gone to footwear in the past few days. And when I say a few days, I mean a few days - I bought five pairs of shoes in the past week!

In my defense, I got great deals on all of them and they're all shoes I see myself wearing all spring and summer long. So really it's like I did myself a favor! Second true or false: I can talk myself into anything :)

Here are the pups that made their way home with me. Welcome to my closet, new friends!

Every year I like to invest in a well-made statement sandal that I can wear all summer. Ordinarily I wouldn't spend this much on a shoe but I make an exception for summer sandals because I need something that's super well-made to hold up to long days and nights full of beaches, barbecues, vacations, etc. Over the weekend, Bloomingdales had their Friends & Family sale and I scored these babies for 25% off, plus I had a giftcard! I love the color of the caramel leather and the shiny gold studs. 

Last year, I missed out on Mara Hoffman's shoe collaboration with Soludos because of stupid NO SHOPPING MAY and I was quite upset. I wasn't gonna miss out again so when I got an email announcing their new collab with Havianas I was super pumped! I seriously love all four colors/patterns and had a hard time deciding, but in the end I went with navy. I have some fun trips coming up - Vegas, Scottsdale, Tucson, OH AND OUR HONEYMOON - I can't wait to wear them!

I have always, always, ALWAYS said that when you find something you really love, to buy it in multiple colors. After I couldn't stop thinking about these Jeffrey Campbell espadrilles after blogging about them a few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and bought them - and no joke, have not taken them off my feet since! They are so comfortable it's ridiculous - they add a little edge and sass to all my girly outfits and I just had to have another pair. Enter the leopard ones - aren't they sassy? I am OBSESSED. If you are in the market for a classic, cool pair of espadrilles, THESE are the ones!

Behold, what will be my fancy summer go-to shoe. A classic beige suede Tory Burch platform with a twist - the wedge is more flat than angled, making them INCREDIBLY comfortable. Here's a fun fact that will come as a surprise to absolutely no one: my mother bought them too in the exact same color. Look for us strolling around LA in our matching ensembles this summer :) #thankyoubloomiesfriendsandfamily

What do you think? Ya like? Which ones would you wear? Should I post pictures once I actually take them out for a spin? 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Time For A Jewelry Box Update

A friend told me recently that she missed me blogging regularly. Specifically, "the posts you used to do where you showed us all the things you wanted to buy."

Well... I aim to please :)

Lately I have been kind of bored with my accessories. I have tons of earrings and necklaces that I wear when I want to add a fun little extra sparkle to my outfit, but I find myself reaching for the same ones over and over again. I am in need of a jewelry box update! So obviously I hit the internet to see what was out there... and found myself swooning over some gorgeous delicate gold pieces, light and bright colorful earrings, and beautiful beaded necklaces.

Here are some of my favorite picks - many very reasonably priced!

How on earth is this necklace only $38?! The beading is so intricate. It also comes in black, but for spring, I'm really feeling the cream... would be so pretty with a pastel-colored sundress!

The most interesting, go-with-anything- sparkly little cuff. J.Crew, I love you so.

This three-tiered necklace is STUNNING. I love the lavender stones mixed with the crystal pave - such a unique piece. 

I cannot even describe to you how much I want these necklaces. I love every single thing about them - the gorgeous, pastel beads mixed with sparkly gold balls, the leather tassel, the oversized druzy pendant... if I owned one, I'd never take it off.

I am really into these Oscar De La Renta earrings - I love the pretty purple shade and the fun swingy shape. I have been admiring them for a few months now!

What a fun ring! I can't resist gold studs. This pretty is less than $50! 

I love the look of a simple little cuff in spring or summer on a tan arm with some fabulous pink nail polish. This one is so delicate and pretty.

Another fun, bright pair of earrings. These yellow babies are showstoppers - wear them with a neutral outfit and let them be the star!

I have a pair of earrings just like these by Dannijo - the shape is perfect. And considering I love anything and everything turquoise, I'm thinking these might need to come home with me...

Is it an oxymoron for something to be a "delicate statement necklace?" Cuz this is it! And for less than $55, the price is right!

There you have it! I hope this list pleases my friend. Note: she also requested "a post where you show us all the things you have purchased lately." Since I have not exactly been shying away from the ol' credit card lately, I promise that post is forthcoming as well :)

Happy Wednesday ya'll!