Wednesday, July 23, 2014

#Bacheloraff, Part Trois!

Okay friends we're goin' home this is the last post I'm writing about all the #bacheloraff!

We woke up on Saturday morning and all got dressed for the day in our shirts. To say I am obsessed with this shirt is an understatement. I want to wear it every single day for the rest of my life! 

Special bridal Starbucks :)

Once everyone had gathered wearing their shirts, we smooshed into the cars and headed… where else? Beyond Bread. I couldn't stop cracking up at the sight of all of us in our matching shirts in one line.

Of course I had to hop behind the counter to cuddle with the cashier :)

After lunch, I insisted on a group shot outside BB… I am planning on framing this and/or making it into a MASSIVE canvas to hang in my house. Ram will be so pleased :)

Next we headed to U of A so the Wildcats among us could show off our beautiful campus… and take what is possibly one of the cutest photo composites of all time? I CANNOT EVEN FREAKING HANDLE THE CUTENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After some more stops in the bookstore, on University Avenue, and in a candy shop (of course), we headed back to the hotel. When it was time to get ready for night #2, I got some more surprises First, every single one of my friends got ready for the night all decked in LEOPARD PRINT!!! No wonder they told me to wear my pink dress - pink and leopard, it couldn't have been more perfect! And then Gerrick whipped out leopard print HEADBANDS, pink and leopard print custom KOOZIES, and oh yeah an amazing hilarious #bacheloraff BANNER. I was floored. I was speechless. Look at my face!

Gorgeous leopard-print-decked pals after a delicious dinner of take-out Oreganos:

Finally, we headed out for a night on the town… and were greeted with this amazing sight: our ride for the evening, the PARTY BUS!!! My amazing mom arranged for this to be our transportation for the evening and it was PERFECT - coolers full of drinks, amazing sound system, ice cold air conditioning, and not one but TWO stripper poles for dancing and such :) here we are posing in front of our snazzy new ride!

So off we went! First stop was a true Tucson institution - The Meet Rack, of which I will just say the following - my friends in the group who did NOT go to the University of Arizona are now permanently frightened of Tucson. Next we went to my all-time favorite place, Dirtbags, where I spent many a night in college dancing to the jukebox and drinking vodka crans.

Surprise surprise - in July, Dirtbags is not crowded. In fact, it was EMPTY. Never you mind this, I was expecting it, and happily sat at our favorite table and drank vodka crans and danced to the jukebox anyway :)

The party bus though… it got a little crazy :)

The night ended the way nights should always end - first, a trip to In & Out, then home to snuggle in bed and recap all our fun!

The next day, friends started leaving :( I was so, so sad it was over but still managed to have fun the rest of the day, wearing matching shirts with Gerrick, shopping in the bookstore, and yes, paying ANOTHER visit to Beyond Bread!

So there you have it! The full recap of all the #bacheloraff shenanigans. I’m amazed by how quickly it all flew by – I remember getting ridiculously excited months and months ago just booking my flight! – and I know that I’m going to feel the same way when it’s my wedding weekend… it’s going to FLY BY!

I am the luckiest person in the entire world to have such loving, generous, amazing, hilarious friends who all took the time and spent the money to fly out to celebrate me for an entire weekend. Words cannot express how much that meant to me and how much fun I had. A special shout-out needs to go to my amazing, incredible sister, who went above and beyond planning a weekend that she knew I would love from the moment I arrived to the moment I left. Every single thing was perfect and so detailed and so ME. I will never, ever forget it!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Friends! It’s time for more pics and stories from the #bacheloraff. ARE YOU EXCITED?! I sure am.

Okay, so I last left off waking up on Friday morning, ready for the whole crew to arrive. Julie, Gerrick, and I drove to our new hotel - the ridiculously gorgeous JW Marriott - to check in for all 5 (!) rooms and prepare some fun surprises :)

You see, when I first decided I wanted to go to Tucson for my bachelorette weekend and July was chosen, I knew it was going to be HOT, and I knew we'd likely be spending some quality time by the pool. So when I thought about a cute gift I could get all my friends to thank them for shlepping out to the Tuc, I had a brilliant idea, if I do say so myself chaise lounge towels!

My amazing wedding planners Bash Please helped me order them and customize them, and voila! One by one, as each of my pals arrived, they came down to the pool to find their very own monogrammed terrycloth chaise lounge cover :) I was pretttttyyyy proud of myself :)

Friday passed in a happy, sunny blur - we swam, we tanned, we chatted and splashed and hugged and jumped all over each other like best friends who haven't seen each other in ages do. We even went in the lazy river and on the waterslide! (Are we nearly thirty, or three years old old?)

After nearly EIGHT HOURS by the pool Gerrick had developed a truly nasty sunburn and we were all getting tired - up to the rooms we went! And to my surprise, it was not an ordinary room I found… but a gorgeous, giant suite that was absolutely DECKED in bachelorette gear!

Bailey had gone all out with balloons and streamers and signs and pink penis straws (WHAT! It was a bachelorette!!!!) and a veil, feather boa, sparkly tiara and bow headband for me to wear. I was dying. It was everything I ever wanted and more. Greene also gave me the MOST perfect card, and Floff surprised me with a leopard print garter, sparkly hair clips, and an amazing rhinestone BRIDE pin. My friends are the cutest.

Ha! This was hilarious - my adorable sister thought this would be enough food for nineteen hungry #bacheloraffians - one tub of licorice, one bag of chips, one box of Cheetos and a thing of Wheat-Thins. #naive #wearehungrierthanthat #sillybailey

After we cleaned off and rested and got all settled, the group gathered in the suite to hang out for a bit and have some pre-dinner drinks - I couldn't help taking a million pics!


After those billion photos, we all packed into the rental cars and drove to my favorite fancy restaurant in Tucson, Wildflower! I laughed out loud when Bailey said "Hi, we're the ones with the reservation for 19 people." We had a delicious dinner - I ate my favorite salmon/potato appetizer, then made a toast and almost started crying in the middle of the restaurant.

At one point Bailey had some wine and decided to try on all the married/engaged ladies' rings! #BLINGBLING

The night wasn't over yet… when we got back to the hotel, Bailey had some more tricks up her sleeve…. I was sent out of the room for a minute and when I came back in, everyone was wearing CUSTOM MATCHING SHIRTS THAT SAID "THE QUEEN HAS FOUND HER KING!!!!!!" Excuse me, I almost cried then too. More on the shirts later, I am freaking obsessed with them in an unnatural and unhealthy way :)

After I had calmed down from the shirt surprise, I was treated to another surprise - they played the cutest game where I was asked to answer questions from Rami's perspective, and then they played videos of Rami answering the same questions! Kind of like the Newlywed Game… it was adorable. Let me just say my future husband LOVES him some camera time :) what a ham.

My amazing friends weren't even done yet…  they gave me a tiny package containing a little Shutterfly book - everyone had sent in pictures and letters about their earliest memories of me! Once I opened the book, I was just done. Totally cried. Had to basically be put to bed like a small child.

Wow… this many pictures and I haven't even gotten to talk about day 2? It'll have to wait :) check back tomorrow for more #bacheloraff shenanigans!!!