Monday, February 23, 2015

My Red Carpet Favorites!

Oscar Sunday is one of my favorite days of the entire year. I make the same joke every year - "THIS IS MY SUPERBOWL!" and completely crack myself up. We had a party at our house and almost 20 people came - it was a packed house! Between running around after the puppy (who was SO well behaved!) and arranging cheese platters, I barely got a chance to look at the red carpet :( thank god for websites putting up pictures with all the details!

Honestly, barely anyone blew me away this year. I don't understand why people don't take more risks. I know they're my favorite colors, but where was the hot pink? Where was the turquoise? Bright colors photograph beautifully on the carpet and in an age where everyone plays it safe, wearing a bright bold color in the right silhouette gets you SO much attention and accolades. I would have paid money to see someone in a bold fuschia or teal. 

But anyway - here's who I did like, in reverse order! My top five starts off with Gwyneth Paltrow in Ralph & Russo (photo via EOnline). I actually don't even LIKE Gwyneth, but I like a girl who takes a risk in a classy way (not in the Naomi Watts way - wtf was that glitter sports bra situation?). The color looked beautiful on her skin and I am personally always a fan of a one-shoulder, plus there's no large flower pouf situation I can't get on board with!

Next up - Anna Faris in Zuhair Murad (photo via Just Jared). What can I say? I'm a creature of habit and I love me a princess sparkle ballgown. This dress looks great because the proportions are right - the top is formfitting but not too tight and the length flows, but isn't too long. I would have liked a different hairstyle (and hair color for that matter) but she does look beautiful. And she's married to Chris Pratt so she WINS AT LIFE. #prattprattpratt

The night's big winner was Julianne Moore who is just a goddamn stunning national treasure, isn't she? In my next life I will have her gorgeous skin and her beautiful gorgeous red hair. TRUE STORY: One time I sat behind her on a plane to NYC and one single strand of her gorgeous hair peeked through the seats AND I TOUCHED IT. Yes I'm crazy. Anyway - I dream of being able to say "Oh, this dress? It's custom Chanel. By Karl." I love the shimmery white simplicity paired with the whimsical little sequined flowers. Just beautiful. (Photo via Us Weekly.)

Second place for Best Dressed of the Evening goes to Rosamund Pike in Givenchy (Photo by Us Weekly). Do we think she wore red to signify that terrifying scene in Gone Girl?! Whatever her reasoning - girlfriend looked ON POINT. I loved her structured scarlet lace column - especially the top - paired with a more casual, pulled back bun. A great lesson in balances! Also - extra points go towards her simple, elegant strappy heel in the EXACT same color as the gown #perfectaccessorizing. Truly, this woman is beautiful and talented and the dress reflects that.

Okay - my choice for the night's big winner? J.LO, YALL!!!! One glimpse of that gorgeous, iridescent, beaded, sparkly Elie Saab ballgown and it was all over for me (Photo via InStyle). I loved the juxtaposition of the slightly sexier top with the more traditional poufy bottom - stunning. I also liked her very simple, elegant ponytail - a little more fun than a bun, but still understated enough so as not to take attention away from the gown. And may I remind you all that the woman is FORTY FIVE YEARS OLD?! God has truly blessed her. Or she is drinking the blood of virgins. One of those things. 

So there ya have it! Very excited to watch Fashion Police tonight and see who else people loved. Who did you think nailed it tonight? And who failed miserably? I would love to hear! 


Diana M. said...

I agree that your top 3 should be in the top 5, but how could you have left out Lupita?! SHE WAS THE RED CARPET WINNER, HANDS DOWN!

Katie said...