Friday, March 10, 2017

Ten Fun Facts

I am slowly getting back into the hang of blogging and have lots of fun ideas. I guess that's what happens when you are a writer and you DON'T WRITE for two years. It was all inside me this whole time and it's all gonna come out now :)

Anyway - since it's been a while I figured I would share ten fun facts about me lately! That's a good place to start.

1. Rami and I Tivo Jeopardy every night. We are smarter than 50% of the contestants but dumber than the other 50%. I am very good with word games, literature, pop culture, animal and food categories. I am literally the worst at geography, it's laughable. Long time readers - remember when I thought West Virginia was a made-up place? Rami is all around SO smart and I think he should be on the show. 

2. As soon as I get home from a trip, I start planning the next one. I HAVE to have something on the calendar to look forward to. Currently I am working on plans for Memorial Day in the South somewhere and fun restaurants for a weekend trip to Philly in May and Scottsdale in June. 

3. On November 9th, 2016, I woke up, cried in bed for three hours straight, and then set up recurring donations to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the Anti-Defamation League. It made me feel a tiny bit better and if you're half as angry or frustrated or scared as I am, I urge you to give what you can. It might help. 

4. On a similar note - my mom and I were in NYC for Bailey's 30th birthday over Inauguration Weekend, so we did the Women's March there. My aunt and my cousins joined us and I felt amazing and so powerful. We tried to march to Trump Tower but there were so many thousands of people in front of us that we only got a few blocks away. My cousin and my aunt wore pink pussy hats and I made us all signs. Mine was top left - "I am done PUTIN up with this shit."

5. The fact that there is STILL no SoulCycle in the valley makes me want to scream. I drive to Calabasas a few times a week to spin and it is still a shlep. They are renovating a building down the block from us and I PRAY someone decides to put Soul there. I would flip. 

6. Along with the rest of the world, our family is obsessed with Hamilton. I will give my husband credit, he is a HUGE Lin-Manuel Miranda fan and started listening to the show the day the recording came out. It took a while for me to get into it but after I did, I knew we had to go see it immediately. If you are curious, my favorite song is Hurricane but I also like to sing the rap battles and scream "OUTGUNNED, OUTMANNED" very loudly. 

We were lucky enough to fly to NY last April and see it with the entire original Broadway cast. I was so nervous that we were going to get stuck in the subway on the way there that I insisted on cabbing and we got there two hours early. I made friends with everyone on line - shocker. I was also nervous because I bought the tickets on Stubhub and I was terrified they would be fake. I had already decided that if for some reason our tickets weren't real I would march my ass to the box office and hand them my credit card and say "One ticket. Whatever it takes." PS. The tickets were real, the seats were amazing, and it was all worth it. Rami cried like a baby and said it was one of the best days of his life. PPS. It's just as good as you've heard. No, it's better. 

7. I am really good at interior design but terrible at making decisions for my own house. It takes me forever to decide. I can literally decorate and plan YOUR whole house and find you really good deals and tell YOU exactly what to buy and it'll look amazing and be done in like 5 minutes, but for my own house? FORGET IT. Our bedroom is like a random mishmash and it drives me nuts. 

8. I am doing NO SHOPPING MARCH this year instead of May and I forgot how much it sucked. The whole reason why I do this is to "reset" my compulsive need to online shop all day long since I sit in front of a computer and it's just so EASY. But it hasn't even been two weeks and I'm already so over it. Wish me luck, I'll make it but it's gonna be hard. 

9. Truffle Britney Spears sleeps in a crate in our room at night. Everyone is surprised by this because they said for sure I would cave after the first couple of months and let her sleep in the bed. She doesn't like when we pick her up and put her in the crate - she growls at us - but after she's in, she falls asleep within two minutes and sleeps for nine hours straight. She is allowed in the bed for cuddles but I am so glad we crate-trained her!

10. Speaking of sleeping! After five years of my husband keeping me up all night snoring like a goddamn train, he got a CPAP machine and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. If I had to choose between the CPAP and my iPhone I would go back to a Nokia Razor in a heartbeat. 

Ten things! That was fun. Tell me something random about you :)


Lindsay said...

You need to add Dear Evan Hansen to your list of what to see on Broadway when you're in NY next!

Unknown said...

Maybe Denver could be on your list of travel?!

Kate said...

Let me know if you need any recs for Philadelphia- you were so helpful with Scottsdale (still dreaming of those Barrio Queen tacos!)