Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Cocktail Party Ever = SUCCESS!

Remember last post when I made that resolution to start cooking? I’m already on my way!

A few days ago, I co-hosted a White Elephant Gift Exchange/Cocktail party with my good friend Alexandra Beth Cherry. It was Alexandra’s original idea to have a White Elephant party - I suggested we switch it up a bit and ask our guests to bring the strangest/most unusual gifts they personally received during the holiday season to exchange!

Anyways, the party was SO fun! We invited a great mix of people - some of my pals, some of hers, and a bunch of our friends from high school. Everyone came with gifts, some funny, some weird, some really good, and the gift exchange was hilarious - lots of White Elephant stealing, way too many candles (I ended up with a bizarre Christmas-scented candle - perfect for me, Super Jew), and Ms. Nicole Levin was the lucky winner of two framed, autographed headshots of Dr. Phil and Robin McGraw!

Alexandra and I spent a loooooong time getting ready and planning a menu that everyone would like. In the end, everyone was so impressed, and the table looked GORGEOUS!

How pretty does that look? Here’s what we served:

  • pigs-in-blankets with spicy dijon mustard
  • vegetarian dumplings with soy sauce
  • french bread with goat cheese and olive tapenade
  • homemade bruschetta
  • Alexandra’s famous guacamole
  • hummus and pita chips
  • mozzarella & tomato skewers
  • mini red velvet cupcakes
  • spinach & cheese and mushroom empanadas
  • chocolate bread pudding (a Silverman family recipe!)

Some fun party pics:

I can’t wait to throw my next bash :) My friends even said “You need to make this a yearly event!” It was so fun and easy working with Alexandra - we are already planning our next party together. We’re thinking this summer - a BBQ theme!

It was a lot of work, but I LOVED being a hostess! And for my first party, I think it was fabulous!

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