Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Obsessed!

Did ya’ll know I am OBSESSED with the Oscars? Every year, I throw a party and sit for hours in front of the TV, watching the pre-show, the actual awards ceremony, and hours of after-parties. There is always a very exclusive guest list (due to the fact that if you talk while I’m watching, I will literally kick you out) and I have been known to also dress up in a ballgown. Not kidding.

Anyways, due to some unchangeable commitments, I was unable to watch the Oscars as I usually do. I was disappointed, but that’s life. So I Tivo’d it instead and watched it on my parent’s couch -- first the ceremony, then back to the pre-show so I could see what everyone wore - the best part! Here are my favorites:

I love anyone who takes a risk at the Oscars (for example, I totally didn’t hate Zoe Saldana’s purple explosion -- I enjoyed it, but it just wasn’t one of my favorites). I feel like most celebrities play it SO safe -- for example, nearly everyone last night was in solid-colored dresses. Rachel McAdams (AKA Regina George - ahhh!) looked amazing in this beautiful Elie Saab dress -- doesn't it look hand-painted, with watercolors? I wish she would go back to darker hair, though!

I was pleasantly surprised by Queen Latifah’s look - I love this icy pink Badgley Mischka Couture gown and think the color looks beautiful with her skin tone. I also loved the jeweled shoulder and waist -- great details.

UGH, I can’t stand Miley. But this Jenny Packham dress is gorgeous. Clearly, I am a fan of anything sparkly -- so this is right up my alley!

Who DOESN’T love Meryl Streep? You can just tell how classy she is. I told my mom yesterday that I thought we’d really get along well in person (you know, cuz I’m so classy and everything). She looks gorgeous and glowing in white -- this dress was actually designed by Chris March, the guy who was a contestant on Project Runway. I want a dress just like this!

Finally, Elizabeth Banks. Elizabeth Banks has totally flown under my radar -- until now. She is HANDS DOWN my favorite from last night -- this grey Versace dress is INSANE and will haunt my dreams. I love everything about her look - the color, the ruching, the hair, the fantastic shoes. I’m thinking I may need to model my future bridesmaids’ dresses after this look! :)

Another picture -- because I'm so in love!

The show itself was great - I thought Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were hilarious (I loved the Snuggie bit) and was soooo happy for Sandra Bullock! (Little known fact: I usually pick all but two or three of the awards correctly -- I called all major awards except for Best Picture this year). What did you all think? Who do you think was the best dressed?

Finally, a confession. While watching yesterday, I turned to my mom and asked her what I should wear when I am nominated for my Best Actress award. She laughed. I was hurt. At what age must I stop believing that at some point, I will be a world-famous actress?

Anyways, viva la Oscars! I already can't wait for next year!

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