Sunday, April 4, 2010

We Got More Bounce in California Than All Yall Combined

Ladies and gentlemen, the earth is shaking here in Los Angeles, California. Yes, you heard right, about an hour ago we had ourselves a little earthquake.

I was alone in my apartment, sitting at my dining room table for this one and squealed when I realized that the shaking was not just my obnoxious neighbors in the apartment above me having sex on their floor (as they enjoy doing fairly often). But I didn’t even get up. I guess I’m very brave. Or really lazy.

Case in point - the big one in 1994. While most of the state leapt out of bed at 4:30 in the morning screaming, yours truly was peacefully cuddled up, fast asleep. In a FUTON. ON THE FLOOR. And I didn’t even roll over.

Bailey and I were having a sleepover at my aunt and uncle’s house in Agoura Hills. I clearly remember my uncle kneeling beside me, telling me I needed to wake up and come downstairs with Bailey and my cousins Robin and Eric because there had been an earthquake. We tried to get through to my parents, who were living in our old house in Sherman Oaks, but the phone lines were all down. We listened to the news on a Dodger baseball radio and a few hours later, my parents arrived to stay at my aunt and uncle’s while our house was repaired. We stayed there for three weeks, and the only things I remember from that time are the following:

  1. We watched Beetlejuice approximately seventy-four times (I have no idea why. Maybe it was the only video that wasn’t damaged?)
  2. We played Chicken Fight CONSTANTLY. Chicken Fight is the game where you stand on one leg and hop around while trying to knock the other person down. We played it in the foyer on the circle rug, which I’m pretty sure my aunt had to throw out after having four rambunctious children destroy it to shreds with their hopping.

In other EARTH-SHAKING NEWS (see what I did there? Like it? I’m pleased with myself), guess what my parents surprised me with today?


YAYYY! It is so cute and tiny and light and easy to read. Right now she is charging (yes, I gave her a gender) while resting in her pretty pink little case. I AM OBSESSED and already bought four books to read on my upcoming trip :)

I’m off to finish working on a very important project that I can’t wait to tell you all about :) Yes, I realize it’s a Sunday, but as I tweeted yesterday, “When you treat the week like a weekend, you’ll have to treat the weekend like a week day.”

In other words, since I spent my week marching around Vegas, I am chained to my computer with only diet cokes and Weight Watcher one-point bars for survival :) If another quake hits (god forbid), I’m good to go for AT LEAST two days!

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