Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Color of the Summer

I have a confession to make. Don’t judge me. I am cheating on pink. With turquoise.


But the thing is, IT’S SUMMER! I just turned my air conditioning on for the first time in months. Outside, it is hot hot hot - I just want to jump in the pool or swim in the ocean or simply lay on the beach and stare into the gorgeous, cold, TURQUOISE waters :)

Turquoise is one of those colors that makes you look gorgeous - well-rested, refreshed, and tan (coral is also one of those colors.... coral was the color of the summer last year. Coincidence? I think not!) And everywhere I turn, there is something I want to buy in turquoise. Usually, when I see something I like, I immediately inquire as to whether or not it is available in pink, but lately? I’m cheating. I ask for it in turquoise.

I just can’t get enough of all the fabulous turquoise jewelry out there:

And my some other favorites....

Sweet mother of god I need these shoes. Turquoise. Bright. Sparkly. Louboutin. WHAT MORE CAN BE SAID?

Speaking of shoes, I also think these are amazing. They would be sooooo cute with a sundress! Much better than plain old flipflops :)

This shirt is so cute. The color is gorgeous and I love the little lace pocket! I would totally wear this all summer with white jeans or black leggings.

I saved the best for last! PIPM posted pictures from her recent vacation where she’s wearing these Kendra Scott earrings. I LOVE THEM. I emailed her immediately to ask where she got them. They are SO perfect for summer, and at $60, a completely reasonable summer purchase! You better believe I’m getting these.

Color of the summer? Oh yes, I think so.

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