Monday, June 21, 2010

Fun Silverman Fam Weekend with BJ and Vestie

Cheerio! Did everyone have a lovely weekend? I know I did.

Many of you let me know how much you enjoyed the Silverman Sister Rules and I’m happy to report that there were ZERO fights the entire weekend. Seriously. This may be some sort of world record. No clothes were stolen (including clothing with tags), no one was given a little smack, and the front seat of the car was shared equally. The parentals were very pleased.

Want to see some cute pics from the weekend? On Saturday we went to Pasadena and walked around the Pasadena Chalk Art Festival. And Bailey and I posted by a tree.

Not going to lie, JM and I were way more interested in hot dogs then the chalk.

Saturday night we had fam dinner at Fraiche in Santa Monica. It was delicious - if you go, I highly recommend the beef tartare and the monkfish. Amazing!


Awesome new family photo. My mom insisted we take this because last week, she bought a Groupon for a new photo canvas and she "does not want it to go to waste!"

And of course, in addition to lots of Bailey time, we also celebrated something very special... FATHER’S DAY!

Every day with Garsilv is a treat. Whenever my dad does something silly or weird or strange, we like to tease him and say “Oh man... we got the best one.” But really, we did get the best one. Look how cute this man is!

That’s him in his little grill outfit -- we had a special barbecue in honor of him and invited lots of pals over. My mom made a FEAST -- hot dogs, chicken apple sausages, roasted turkey, chicken wings, and baby sliders, in addition to Israeli salad, baked beans, corn, pasta salad, Crumbs cupcakes, angel food cake, fruit, etc etc etc. (If you’re curious, my contribution was my award-winning guacamole -- one day I will share the recipe with all of you. Bailey used to claim that she made the best guac, and one day we had a taste-test/contest in the kitchen for the parentals. Mine won, hands down. I have bragging rights FOREVER.)

Here is Erez and his very full plate:

And us ladies before we dug in:

As for gifts, let me just say, Garsilv is a very spoiled man. Last year, he developed a bit of a vest obsession, so for Father’s Day, we gave him not one, not two, but THREE vests and he was so excited he did a little dance around the Newport house. Secretly, I was worried about gifts this year. What could top the fucking vest?

Yes, I am such a dedicated blogger that I went back through my photo archives to find the photo of the dancing. Because of this picture, I occasionally call him “Vestie.”

I needn’t have worried. The man himself told me what to get him. “I would like ink for my fancy pen,” he told me. Uh, okay. I called Montblanc and they told me blue ink was $16. DONE. For $16 he could have a fucking lifetime supply of ink. I went out and got him four bottles. Bailey came through with a pair of Calvin Klein pajama pants, but Mommy got him the best gift of all.... Usher cologne. I wish I had taken a pic of his face when he opened it. Why? Because he doesn’t wear Usher cologne. And she knows that. The only reason she got it for him is because it came with a free-gift-with-purchase - a soft leather man-bag. In other words, she got him useless cologne and a murse. He was delighted.

All in all, a super fun weekend. And tomorrow, I am off to Israel again! Don’t worry, I’ll post again before I leave. Everyone start taking deep breaths in order to prepare for my absence. It’ll be rough but I know you’ll make it through! :)

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