Thursday, June 17, 2010

JMS Life Updates

Hello hello! This week has been fairly quiet for me -- I saw Get Him to the Greek (starring my boyfriend Jonah Hill) which I enjoyed, and the Bloomingdales Private Sale occupied quite a bit of my time, but other than that, not too much is new. Well, maybe a few things...

Top Chef premiered last night! I am a MAJOR Top Chef fan -- I have not missed a single episode. I really liked the first episode -- my problem is, with 17 contestants, usually for the first three or four weeks I can’t keep track of anyone OR their dishes. In case you were wondering, my all-time favorite contestant is Harold from Season 1 (I’ve been to his restaurant Perilla in NY, which was amazing) and my least favorites are Ilan and Betty from Season 2. (Also, I have a minor crush on Tom Collichio. Just a small one that causes me to repeatedly dine at his restaurants in hope of seeing him and maybe getting to rub his adorable bald head.) I am already so excited about this season!

Several sparkle hair extensions have fallen out, due to a) natural causes, and b) Jacob yanking some out of my head. No need to fret -- my sparkle hair lady loves me, and offered to meet me at “our spot” (AKA the sidewalk) and put some more in FOR FREE. Score. The only thing better than sparkle hair? FREE SPARKLE HAIR.

I accompanied Alexandra to J.Crew today, and lo and behold, while perusing the sale rack, discovered my new pink skirt was ON SALE! Since I bought it less than a week ago, I was eligible for a price adjustment.... and may have got the blue one on sale as well. Oops. But also, YAY.

Are you familiar with rompers? This may be cause for some of you to throw up a little in your mouth, but I have been wanting one for a long time and today, found one that looks super cute. Where? Target of course. Here it is -- I am going to wear it with a black or white tank underneath and my gold Dolce Vita sandals.

In case some of you don’t keep up with my Twitter (over there on the sidebar ----->), you should know that for the past week or so, my dad and I have been going car shopping! There will be a massive reveal when a car is finally purchased, but in the meantime, may I just say how incredibly boring it is searching for cars. Expect an exciting update on this within the next few weeks (probably when I am back from Israel).

Speaking of Israel, I am leaving again on Tuesday! But more on that in a few days.

Currently my parents are literally shrieking at the top of their lungs at the television whilst watching the NBA Finals (did you know the Silvermans are anti-Laker? Yep.) and they are hurting my ears. Sample conversation:

(Kobe scores)

Parent 1: “SHIT BOMBS ON RYE!”


Me: “Please stop with the outbursts. I am trying to blog.”

Parent 1: “Don’t score don’t score don’t score - GODDAMN IT!”


Me: “You guys are freaking me out.”

I am seriously considering going to hide in the garage or something. Hope everyone had a lovely day!

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Alexandra said...

we had a successful shopping trip yesterday! but i still feel like i need much more! So much to get, and so little time...i mean, we leave on Tuesday!!!!