Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let's Catch Up!

It’s been a while since we caught up with each other, hasn’t it?

Last night was the season finale of Glee. I can’t believe it’s gone until September - that makes me want to throw a grape slushy in someone’s face :( Speaking of grape slushies, in honor of the finale, I threw a little dessert party last night and invited some girlfriends over to watch. I served Rachel Berry pie, fruit salad (in honor of Kurt), New Directions Cookie Confections (um, okay, really just plain chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies) and of course, grape slushies.

As for the show itself? I thought it was great. I won’t post what happened at the end in case some of you haven’t seen it yet, but I TOTALLY CALLED Shelby adopting Quinn’s baby. Let’s just hope she doesn’t name her Beth... I even like Jackie Daniels better than Beth. Also, in continuing my belief that Ryan Murphy reads my mind and almost exclusively uses songs I am obsessed with, I basically died when Jesse St. James (AKA Jonathan Groff, AKA the hottest guy on Broadway, AKA the King of the gays) busted out Queen. I love that song. It is such a PERFECT karaoke song!

What else is going on? I am super tan right now. That’s because I just spent two days in Palm Springs by the pool. Why, you ask? Well, my darling mother got the gambling itch and just could not shake it. Rather than trek to Vegas (damnnit), she managed to wrangle us a free suite at the luxurious Morongo Casino & Spa. BEHOLD THE BEAUTY OF AN INDIAN CASINO:

Oh yes. Super luxurious. While ElSilv gambled away my shopping money at the slots, I laid by the pool, read my Kindle, and worked on my tan. Our brief trip also included a quick stop at the outlet mall (where I scored a fantastic turquoise Joie silk tank, an Saks infinity scarf, and a pair of denim shorts from Gap), a visit to the Morogono buffet (we were the only ones in there NOT wearing elastic-waistband shorts), and OF COURSE, a stop at Hadley’s before we left for DATE SHAKES. Please tell me you all have had a date shake from Hadley’s in your life. SO UTTERLY DELICIOUS.

I’ve been going there ever since I was a little girl - we used to have a house in Palm Springs and before we headed home my dad would pull off the freeway and get us all date shakes. They remind me of my childhood - sitting in the backseat next to Bay, sunburnt and exhausted from a fun day at Oasis, drinking a date shake and falling asleep on the ride home :) Good memories.

Speaking of things that are delicious, I have a new place to fill everyone in on! People have told me they enjoy when I give restaurant recommendations, so I’m trying to keep you updated on all the new places I try and like. A gorgeous male friend of mine with impeccable taste took me to Sweet Rose Creamery for ice cream today, and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD was it delicious. Sweet Rose Creamery is owned by the people who own Rustic Canyon and Huckleberry, so I was expecting it to be good, but wow. A true party in my mouth.

You’re only allowed to sample two flavors, but I of course shmoozed the ice cream server behind the counter (shout out to Michael!) and he allowed me to sample more flavors. I tried malted chocolate, Farmer’s Market strawberry, and blood orange sorbet before choosing the big winner. YOU GUYS. Stop reading this instantly, get in your car, come to Brentwood Country Mart, and order the salted caramel ice cream. Don’t forget to pick me up on the way.

Before I go, I want to thank everyone who’s been coming out of the woodwork and telling me that they a) read this blog every day, and b) love it! It makes my cold heart so warm and fuzzy when I hear that. Though this blog is not exactly saving the world, I love it very much -- it’s not “fluff” to me. It’s fun and entertaining and gives me great joy to write it, so I am very happy when I hear that people enjoy it so much.

PLEASE continue to keep leaving comments - you know it makes my day - and don’t forget to become a follower and join the Queen of LA Facebook fan page. I plan on doing a fun giveaway in the next month or so and only followers/fans will be eligible, so get to it :)

I am off to watch SYTYCD and get some beauty sleep. Jacob arrives tomorrow! I have a whole weekend full of fun stuff planned (shopping, beach, multiple trips to In&Out), so I need to get some rest. I’m going to try and convince him to do a guest post while he’s here (if he agrees, you all are in for a TREAT) so maybe you’ll even hear from him :)

Have a great weekend!


Elana Vorspan said...

Ok, as promised a comment. What pressure! Glad to hear you enjoy all the praise. Your writing is insightful, funny and just plain honest. Love it! You must have had a wonderful Bat Mitzvah tutor...clearly!

Pearl said...

Actually you are a marvelous writer and I LOVE reading this....."Fun" didn't mean bad, silly.....You must have had a wonderful Bat Mitzvah totor's Mother!!!!

Sheila said...

I love the "fluff"!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Jennifer said...

I love how you said you wouldnt post what happened at the end of GLEE but you posted about Shelby adopting Quinn's baby! I know that's not the "end" you were thinking of...but it was still the end! (Whatever...if people haven't watched it by NOW they should be punished with spoilers anyway lol)