Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pink Kicks!

By now I’m pretty sure we’ve established that I am not exactly a sneaker person.

I don’t think I even owned a pair of sneakers until sophomore year of college, when I had to buy a pair of white Pumas for sorority recruitment. Do not even ask. We wore those beauts with a pale pink crewneck t-shirt and khaki shorts. (Incidentally, when I bought those shorts, I threw a tantrum in the dressing room.) I wore them for three days of recruitment and then on Bid Day, when it was all over, walked to the alley behind AEPhi and threw them straight in the dumpster. Some lucky homeless gal in Tucson is probably rocking those on Speedway right about now.

When I joined a gym after college, I walked into the Nike Store in Beverly Hills to buy a pair of running shoes. I literally was completely unprepared for the Nike Store - there were so many colors and styles and options of sneakers that I almost had a panic attack. I barely managed to point at a pair of grey/pink sneakers before I bolted out of the store and ran for Neiman Marcus down the street.

Two years ago, when I first got asked to staff the March of the Living, I found myself in a quandry -- I knew I needed comfortable shoes for walking, but really didn’t want to have to spend two weeks in workout shoes. So I bought a pair of Converse All-Stars. Honestly? I know people are die hard fans of these, but they weren’t for me. I felt like a hipster wannabe.

So yes, I’m not exactly a sneaker person. But these days, I kind of have it all figured out. Now, when I go on walks or am forced to wear closed toed shoes (ahem Birthright), I usually turn to Toms -- I have two pairs and am obsessed!

And speaking of obsessed, here are my newest acquisitions in the sneaker department:

These are the Bensimon Elastic Slip-on Sneakers, and I LOVE THEM. Apparently, they are all the rage in Paris - they come in red, purple, yellow, black, and grey, but come on, you know I couldn't pass up pink. I got mine at Madewell (which now offers online shopping - what are you waiting for?!), but you can also get them on Piperlime or Shopbop. Much more convenient than going to France, and only $55!

I’ll be wearing them all summer with my new Gap denim shorts, a white button down shirt or black tank, and a smile! These are the first sneakers that I’ve voluntarily purchased in my entire life, so you KNOW they’ve gotta be good!

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Abby said...

YAY! New camp shoes :)