Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Rock that Rocks My World

A few days ago, I was minding my own business, innocently googling important things like anklet bracelets and toe rings, when I happened upon this site - Max & Chloe. Apparently, I am way behind the times, because when I mentioned it to my sister and a few other people, they already knew all about it. Oops. I gotta keep up.

Anyways, I clicked the website and there, on the homepage, was a whole section on what’s new in the world of jewels. Fascinating stuff, I tell you. So now you ask, what’s new in the world of jewels?

Agate jewelry. I would describe it as equal parts nature babe and rock goddess -- they’re gemstones with built-in sparkles! And in continuing my quest to cover every part of my body with things that sparkle, glitter, or shine, I have stumbled upon this insane ring.

I am literally dying over this ring. It is pink and magenta and fuschia, so naturally I love it, but then it’s also iridescent and kind of spiky. It makes a STATEMENT. And I am a girl who likes to make a statement!

The website describes it as “resembling a shiny disco ball.” How could I possibly not fall in love with it after that?

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