Monday, July 12, 2010

This Grown Up Does Not Do Spit Up

Some of my most popular posts have been about instances where I am in retarded situations or embarrassing myself in public. For example, everybody loved the Skunk Incident, and I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so many comments as when I talked about my Party Tips (most of which I had to learn the hard way).

Therefore, I thought you’d all enjoy this little story....

I was at the hair salon on Friday getting my hair dyed (bye bye red! I am now a brunette again). A few months ago, a woman who works there (who I am friendly with) had a baby, and on Friday, he was visiting the salon for the day. Though I like to claim I am not a fan of children, I actually LOVE babies, and this one was super cute, so I asked if I could hold him.

“Of course!” she said. I picked him up and he smiled at me. “You look so cute with him!” she said. “Give me your phone, I’ll take a picture.” She took my phone, I held the baby up and smiled as she pressed the button. Here’s the pic.

Yes, at the EXACT moment she took the picture, the baby spat up. All over himself, and all over me. OHHHHH. Yup, definitely not a fan of children.

Here’s the re-do. I guess second time’s the charm!

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