Friday, August 20, 2010


In just a few hours, my 25th birthday celebrations will officially begin!

I have been staying relatively quiet on the blog about it, but now that it’s here, I am so excited I can barely type. I have been acting like an eight year-old child all week - going to bed late/waking up early because I’m so excited I can’t sleep, running around town like a crazy girl running errands, and LITERALLY wiggling in my chair whenever I think about the weekend.

Saturday night is the big party. In typical “Martha Jew-art” fashion, my mother has gone above and beyond in her planning - I seriously can’t wait to see what she’s cooked up. I gave her a vague theme -- “Make stuff pink” -- and the woman has basically cleared out every store in Southern California of all their pink goods. For the past week, every time she calls me to tell me of something new she’s found or bought or rented, I tell her that her picture is in the dictionary next to “Taking the theme too far.” Bailey has been referring to it as “Jordan’s bat mitzvah - oops, I mean her 25th birthday party.” My dad just sits and shakes his head.

Speaking of Bay, she arrived last night, and in just a few hours bestie of life Rebecca Gerrick is arriving :) so I am off to the airport to collect her so the fun can FINALLY begin!

Everyone, have a GREAT weekend - I know I will!


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