Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Urban Pink

What happened when my parents dropped me off at college is the stuff of legend. I don’t think in the history of parents-taking-kids-to-college was there ever quite a meltdown like the one yours truly had.

There were tantrums. Screaming phone conversations. Threats to drop out of school before it had even begun. At one point, I spent an afternoon laying facedown on the floor of the local Tucson Albertsons in the dog food aisle, crying hysterically on the phone to my mother while Benjamin lurked nearby, alternating between staring at me in horror and laughing in disbelief.

Anyways. I recovered. I will tell the story of how I managed to do so another time, but for the purposes of this story, I managed to pull myself together with the help of my old standby, retail therapy. Yes, in times of homesickness, I turned to Urban Outfitters, conveniently located about thirty yards away from my dorm.

I wasted many an hour on University Boulevard in the dressing room at Urban. At one point, my shopping habit was so bad that literally almost everything I owned came from there -- it was at that point when I began holding my now-famous “cleaning out my closet” parties, to the delight of my roommate and friends.

I don’t really shop there anymore, but Urban will always have a special place in my heart. Every now and then when I’m bored online, I pop over to their website and see what they’ve got -- today when I did so, I stumbled upon this gem:

Pink? Leopard? Made of sweatpant material? Uh, yes please. This looks insanely comfortable and I love the oversized look -- it would be perfect when the weather gets cold in a few months (who am I kidding, it is not exactly hot these days) with leggings and some cute moccasins. Love it!

Speaking of Urban Outfitters, while perusing the website earlier today, I also found this:

Not pink, but a necessity for my life nonetheless. “Queen of Fucking Everything” -- I mean, how do I not own this already?

More importantly, who is going to buy it for me? :)


miss mal said...

my 14 year old brother just bought me that mug!!! it's on my desk at work. I bring it with me (even if empty) any time I need to show my boss who ACTUALLY is boss.

Ellory said...

practicality and restrain i did not know you posessed must have kept you from buying those 2 items IMMEDIATELY