Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Weekend Whirlwind of Fun!

Well, that was fun!

It’s late Monday night and I’m still recovering from a fantastic weekend. Lots of fun + lots of friends = one very tired but very happy Queen. I wrote about all my fun upcoming activities on Friday’s post and lots of you commented/emailed to say you wanted details -- I’ll fill yall in, but it’s gonna take a while!

Pat Green was so great. You might not know this, but most of my friends from college (seriously like 90% of them) are from the South, and introduced me to things like real southern bbq, sweet tea, “muddin”, and country music! I mentioned that Pat Green is my favorite country singer -- this was my 5th time seeing him in concert! For an LA girl like me, that’s pretty big.

Me, Anna, E, GB, and our pals Lauren and Marc headed out to Sunset Boulevard for dinner and the concert at the House of Blues, and it was great -- everyone was wearing cowboy boots and drinking beers, and PG was drunk and hilarious, which meant he was in rare form :) Cameras weren’t allowed, but I snuck this pic on my phone -- Pat is singing one of my favorite songs, “Baby Doll”, and as you can tell, he is DEF singing to me!

On Saturday my friend Blair and I headed to check out the new Bloomingdales! To sum it up: huge, overwhelming, and gorgeous. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, and to top it off, I scored us each a free Bloomies tote bag and I also got a keychain! (Okay, confession - they were free with a major purchase.... oops. HEY - I was breaking in the store in my own personal way :) Got a pair of boots and some leopard ballet flats in the presale -- can’t wait to go pick them up in a few days!)

Okay. Onto RENT, which I saw on Saturday night with my friend Sam and a couple of her pals from work. I’ll make this quick - I was NOT a fan. I love me some NPH (who directed) but this shit was a hot mess. Actors were forgetting words, songs sounded shaky, and Vanessa Hudgens needs to get her ass back to the Disney channel ASAP, cuz girlfriend has no business being on a Broadway stage. I did think Wayne Brady (as Collins) and Nicole Sherzinger (as Maureen - my dream Broadway role!) were great, so props to them. For my 15th show, it was a disappointment -- but the Hollywood Bowl for the first time was great! We sat high up and drank several bottles of wine, so by “No Day But Today” we were singing out loud and ignoring this sign :) oh well!

And finally, the Teen Choice Awards! I know that’s what you stuck around to hear about :) On Friday afternoon, GB and I headed over to the W Westwood for the KIIS FM Gifting Suite. We were greeted with lots of cheering and congratulations for her -- after all, she was the big winner -- and then taken around to all the tables for our swag!

We got some cool stuff - purses, jeans, shirts, jewelry, a spray tan, spa products, nail polish, makeup -- and some totally freaky/weird stuff too -- friendship bracelet makers, men’s vests, Christmas ornaments, bracelets that say “PRETTY YOUNG THING”, and a huge game of Big Buck Hunter that I’m planning on sending to Jacob, who loves that stupid game. In celebrity sighting news, Bobby Brown (I don’t know about you, but I’m still on Team Whitney even though she’s sort of a crack whore) was there with his 900 children, one of whom tried to climb into my Fendi purse. “HE’S GOT GOOD TASTE!” said crazy Bobby, pulling his infant out of my bag.

And on Sunday we headed off to the awards! After getting all dolled up in fancy dresses and cute heels, I started to feel a little weird as we arrived. Were we too old to be there? After all, we aren’t teens - we are in our mid-twenties!

But that all changed after we were shown to our seats in the auditorium and the list of celebrities was read outloud. I couldn’t help but scream like a 14-year old -- I LOVED every single person who was scheduled to appear!

Do you like my weird little picture collage? In addition to Leighton Meester, Chace Crawford, Megan Fox, Robert Pattinson, David Beckham, Ellen DeGeneres, Sandra Bullock, Betty White, and the ENTIRE GLEE CAST (omfg), we also saw Ed Helms, Channing Tatum, Hil Duff, Cat Deeley, Kristen Bell, Selena Gomez, Zac Efron, Jimmy Fallson, and a million other celebs, plus performances by Jason Derulo, P.Diddy, and Katy Perry, the host, who is so super cute! AND OF COURSE... TAYLOR LAUTNER. MY LOVE. God, is he hot. Good thing he’s legal now, cuz I am IN IT TO WIN IT.

So, a super fun weekend! I had a blast and feel so happy and lucky to be able to do such fun things with such fun people :)

I’m in Newport now -- spending a few days laying on the beach and attempting to get tan for some other very important upcoming events :) details to come on those soon, I promise.

Until then, I’ll just point out that I turn 25 in exactly three weeks. AHHHHHHHH!

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Diana said...

Sounds like the life!! :-)
If you are dumping the friendship bracelet kit, I know a 10-year-old who would dig it big time! (You should see what I'm wearing!) ;-)