Friday, September 10, 2010

A Greene Bean Birthday

I like green beans.

They are delicious. I like them raw and cooked. I like to eat them all different ways - steamed, boiled, in a stir-fry, in a casserole with crispy onions on top. I love their bright color. I like calling them by their name in French - haricot verts.

But this is actually not a post about green beans. It is a post about Greene Bean, who is celebrating her 26th birthday today!

I met Jennifer Leigh Greene Bean my freshman year of college, when we both joined AEPhi. One look at her shiny blond hair and her sassy freckles and I knew she was going to be a lifelong bestie :) Sure enough, we became super close: we were chosen for Co-Serenading Chair duties our sophomore year, roomed together in our sorority our junior year (can you imagine sharing a single room with me!?), shared a 5-bedroom house with three friends our senior year, and have basically been inseparable since 2004. After we graduated, we were so sad to be separated - every day phone calls and frequent visits were not enough. But then something wonderful happened!

Two years ago, Greene Bean moved to LA! My life has not been the same since :)

She is the best partner-in-crime any girl could ask for. She lives just up the street and is always happy to pop over for a fashion show or to cook dinner while we watch American Idol. She is a great travel companion (we’ve visited Phoenix, Newport Beach, San Francisco, Las Vegas, all over Texas, and of course, ISRAEL together). She loves celebrities, movies, music, and TV more than anyone I’ve ever met in my entire life and will happily share entertainment news gossip at any hour of the day. She loves Britney Spears and Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga and Glee just as much as I do.

The two of us (along with fellow partner-in-crime Anna Banana) have so much fun no matter what we’re doing - shopping, watching TV, hanging out, going out, drinking, partying, lounging around - and on this occasion of her birth, I want to make sure she knows what a fabulous friend she is :)


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Jennifer said...

i definitely commented but it says 0 comments. RUDE! anyway - this is by far my fav post (i'm not bias ;) -- love u!! so cute and clever :)