Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Little Pretty Pink

Every once in a while, something comes along that is SO expensive, SO unnecessary, and SO something that I insist on owning. Like deep in my head, I know that whatever it is costs way too much money for what its actually worth, and its not something I should even look at, let alone take home, but I just can’t help myself...

For example... this Fendi makeup bag:

Oh, excuse me, cosmetics case. La-di-dah. Super fancy. Super expensive. And also, super fabulous. I AM DYING over the color!

I want to get it and fill it with sparkly necklaces and hot pink lipstick and diamond rings and feather hair clips... you know, all my favorite things :)

Totally unnecessary, but how can I say no to it when it's such a gorgeous PINK?!

1 comment:

River said...

I used to have some kind of money to do the same. Want things. No more. Love the bag for me too. ♥