Monday, September 6, 2010

School's (Still) Out. Boo.

These days, I have been spending quite a bit of time on the computer, looking at Facebook photos of people I know still at school at the University of Arizona, doing things like moving into AEPhi and getting ready for sorority recruitment and enjoying their first night out at the bars and spending their afternoons laying out and enjoying Beyond Bread. I cannot tear myself away from these Facebook albums. I am addicted to living vicariously through them. (Yes, I realize that’s sort of stalkerish, and completely creepy. I don’t care.)

Since it would be entirely too painful for me to detail exactly how much I wish I was back in school, doing those exact same things, I am trying to force myself to remember that in addition to friends and parties and sorority stuff and tailgating and gorgeous Tucson weather, school ALSO means SCHOOLWORK. A thing of which I am not fond.

But perhaps I would have been fond of schoolwork all those years if I had some of the school supplies I’ve seen floating around stores right now. Yes, I certainly would have been way more likely to do my work in a timely fashion if I had some of the exciting things shown below stowed away in my book bag!

Take, for example, this notebook. I am kind of obsessed with it. I’m pretty sure I would have had no problem conjugating my Hebrew verbs if I could do it in this:

And then, when my homework and tests came back covered in A++++, I could proudly save them for posterity (or at least until I cleaned out my desk) in one of these adorable fancy pattered folders:

Confession time: I have been wanting these Sharpies since I was actually IN school. I covet them so much that a few weeks ago, I actually broke down and bought them. Oops. (But how could you blame me? Look at all the pretty colors!)

A sassy pencil bag is always key for corralling your pens and pencils and erasers and highlighters and various writing utensils - otherwise, they just end up stabbing you when you reach into the depths of your bag and/or leaking all over everything. I am partial to this Kate Spade one - in addition to pink, it also comes in gold and black. Very elegant!

I don’t understand how anyone could ever remember anything -- homework, tests, quizzes, projects, extracurricular activities, etc -- without an agenda. My high school gave out agendas, which in hindsight, was super nice, and when I got to college, I always picked one up in the bookstore when I was there picking up all my books for the semester. I got an email a few weeks ago about these cute new Jonathan Adler ones, and I’m kinda obsessed - may need to go pick one up! My favorite is the Bargello print.

And finally, you’ve got to have somewhere to put all these things. Every summer before school started, I always went on the hunt for a cute new tote bag (I’ve never been a fan of backpacks) to use for the year. To this day, I still use my bag from junior year of HIGH SCHOOL -- it’s a furry leopard print Betsey Johnson bag that I’ll never throw away - I love it too much!

left to right: LeSportsac, Marc by Marc Jacobs, LeSportsac, Longchamp

I found all of these on and think they’re fabulous. If I were going back to school, I would certainly use any one of them!

Okay. Perspective is key. I may not still be in school, but that’s okay. Any one of these school supplies can still be used, no matter how old I am!

Anyways, I'll be on a plane all day tomorrow, so next time I blog, it'll be from New York! XOXO


Anonymous said...

For the last three years every assignment I have ever completed and every note I have taken have been on pink paper with hot pink lines and a hello kitty bored. I love this post! Have a safe flight to ny!

CLJ said...

I MISS SCHOOL TOO! i live only an hour away from where i went to college-my mom and i went to the mall up there yesterday (because it is fucking AWESOME) and i almost made her drop me off on campus. i think i want another degree.