Monday, September 6, 2010

A Special Bracha Birthday

I have a fun and sassy friend. Her name is Stacy, but I call her Bracha.

She is hilarious and amazing. She lives in Denver, but she is from the DEEP South - Birmingham, Alabama, to be exact. She has a thick southern accent and says “yall” all the time and drinks real mint juleps. She is also a HUGE fan of this blog - at least once a week she sends me an email with some of her favorite parts, and she’s also one of the ones who texts or calls me when I haven’t updated in a few days. I call her my #1 fan.

We like to dress up in silly costumes:

And take mirror pictures:

And of course, eat:

She has a friend named Robin who she introduced me to, who I am probably going to steal to be my own friend:

Bracha and I are in a (fake) acapella group called the Rockingbirds (along with our friend Julie), and Bracha is the lead singer. She gets very into it and likes to sing loudly (usually in my ear). Here she is practicing:

And in addition to singing, she also has some sick dance moves. Here she is flying through the air:

All of these things make her special and wonderful. But today, she is ESPECIALLY special and wonderful, because TODAY, she is 25 years old!

Happy Birthday Bracha! I LOVE YOU!

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