Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fun with Flats

The holidays are around the corner, and every retailer under the sun has started getting ready for the shopping crush. I get a new email like every forty seconds advertising “EXCITING HOLIDAY SPECIALS!” or “START YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING NOW!” I can’t decide if I’m excited or anxious - I can’t BELIEVE December is just a few weeks away!

(By the way, stay tuned for my holiday gift guide, AND my own personal Hanukkah Wish List, coming soon!)

Anywho. In the mail the other day, I got the Nordstrom Holiday Gift Guide, full of lots of sparkly treats and goodies. I started flipping through it, and noticed they had a whole section on ballet flats. I ripped out the page immediately to inspect further.

I LOVE wearing ballet flats. If I showed you my collection, you’d probably go into shock and/or barf on your keyboard. If I had to guess I would say I probably have 30 pairs, and I’m ALWAYS looking for more. They go so well with almost everything - I wear them with skinny jeans, leggings, black slacks - you name it. They’re part of my uniform!

Ballet flats are the perfect shoe -- almost every store sells them, and they come in seriously a million different styles, colors, and patterns at all different price points! I personally gravitate towards the ones with some extra embellishment - a fun fabric, some beads, some rhinestones, some glitter... obviously, those are always the first to catch my eye!

Like these - how cute are they with their little fluffy poofy bits?

And these with their sparkly bows... you know I love them:

And these with their fun beads and rhinestones - I have TONS of these:

I like these best though - the ones with pops of color!

Kate Spade, Killah

Of course, now that I’m thinking about it, the ballet flats I wear most often are plain, solid ones, without any crazy bows or flowers or glitter or embellishment. Isn’t that weird?

Anyway - what about you? Do you like ballet flats? What’s your favorite kind? I’m in the process of working out a new giveaway for followers/commenters, so you better get used to commenting now :)

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