Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pink Mistake

I get a lot of emails. From a lot of companies who probably pay other companies to track me on the internet and deliver reports about me that basically say the following: “THAT GIRL SHOPS TOO MUCH.”

So I get these emails. Where they send me things like promotions and special private sale offers and deep discounts because I’m a “valued customer.” And since I’m dumb, and I love to shop, I always open them and look at the new stuff.

Somehow (I truly don’t know how), I wound up on the Jonathan Adler mailing list, and since last year, have received emails from them at least once a week. I don’t mind - he’s gay and Jewish, so I know he’s good people. Plus, his stuff is bold and shiny and in bright colors, so I actually like seeing what his new stuff is every once and a while.

Last year, I received a Jonathan Adler email, and as soon as I clicked through, my eyes lit up and my heart started pounding. The email was full of PINK - pink trays and pink pillows and pink bathroom accessories and a GORGEOUS PINK THROW.

I didn’t even hesitate - like a crazy woman, eyes burning with lust, I grabbed my credit card and bought the gorgeous throw.


The throw arrived, and to my dismay, it was TERRIBLE. The material felt scratchy and, worst of all, it shed EVERYWHERE.

I went to look for my receipt. Um, problem: I failed to read the fine print, which said that items are returnable for store credit ONLY - no refunds. What am I, a shopping amateur? I was very upset with myself.

This is a very long story that I’m telling to illustrate a fact: I now have a MASSIVE credit to Jonathan Adler, and such, am forced to KEEP clicking through to the very emails that got me in trouble in the first place, if only to find things that I can buy and buy and buy until my massive credit goes down to zero.

So, a few weeks ago during one of my regular tours through their website, I stumbled upon this - a cute little needlepoint sunglasses case. Isn’t it cute?

It’s pink, it’s kitschy, it’s useful (I’m a girl with a LOT of sunglasses, and I wear glasses every day at work in front of the computer), and best of all, thanks to my dumb move with the scratchy blanket, it’s FREE.

Thank you, Jonathan Adler. Bring it on!

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