Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside. Warm Up With Some Pink!

Happy Hanukkah! Crazy to think it's already December. Seriously, where did the year ago?

Winter has finally come to LA and I for one am delighted. I've already purchased several coats and love bundling up every single morning, but truth be told, I love coming back home after work or dinner out and immediately putting on something warm and comfortable.

My go-to PJs or lounge ensembles lately have consisted of my favorite Splendid sweats, an old Free City zip-up sweatshirt, and of course, a snuggly pair of slippers. I am a devotee of
these Ugg slippers (I seriously think I'm on my 3rd or 4th pair already), but now that I've seen these Tory Burch slippers in stores, I may need to go get me a pair!

They're made of leather and shearling and I can't even begin to imagine how cozy and comfy they are. They also come in dark brown and a pretty camel color, but let's face it, pink is clearly the cutest :)

What are you waiting for? I bet your feet are aching for a pair even as you read this. Plus, they make a perfect gift, whether you're a Hanukkah-slacker or an early Christmas bird :)

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nicolette said...

I've been dying (literally, heart palpitations) for this little miu miu bag that's dripping with sequins. I have a good feelings it's going to happen.... Cross your fingers.