Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Black Swan Ballerina Pink

Have yall seen Black Swan? I saw it over the weekend. It’s five days later and I’m STILL scared.

I always do this thing where I ask GB what movie we’re seeing right as we get to the theater, even though I always know (I just like to bug her sometimes - I also ask her how long the movie is, so she’s taken to Googling the movie length before we go so she can be prepared to answer me), but this time, when I asked, I did not get the answer I expected - she said Black Swan instead of Burlesque! (The mix-up was my fault. Two “B” movies are out at the same time and I’m kind of dumb sometimes.)

So we saw Black Swan. And to be perfectly honest, I was not mentally prepared. I hate scary movies and spent large chunks of the film with my hands over my face covering my eyes. I may have also squealed out loud once or twice. Greene did too. Anna says she wasn’t scared but she’s lying, I was sitting right next to her and felt her jump like a scaredy-cat.

So I was a little scared baby most of the time. But I did like looking at the beautiful costumes. I think ballerinas are so pretty - I love their tutus and their feathers and their leotards and of course, their pretty ballet slippers.

I, of course, am nowhere close to a ballerina. I cannot wear leotards or tutus to the office (my boss would probably get a kick out of it but my mom would yell at me for sure), but I CAN wear ballet slippers... and these look close to the real thing, don’t they?

I love the ankle ties and the gorgeous soft blush color, which is so light that it's almost like a neutral - so you can wear these with almost anything! They're so delicate and dainty... two adjectives that do NOT describe me. But a girl can dream!

Speaking of Black Swan... Natalie Portman will certainly get an Oscar nomination for this film, and will most likely win. There’s an early prediction for ya :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, lets have ballarina day at work! Love, Jenny

Anonymous said...

Anna took her baby to her scary movie. Is that allowed?