Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My Weekend in Photos

Hello hello! Sorry about not posting yesterday... my own boss asked me where my Monday blog was and I had to tell her that I now have a full-time job and am a very busy gal these days :)

Hope you all had lovely weekends. Mine was full of good friends, good food, and fun, which is how all great weekends should go...

On Friday night I got to light the menorah with some of my favorite ladies. We were on our way to dinner at the Hummus Bar (these are some of my Birthright friends, so naturally we gravitate towards hummus whenever possible, as we originally fell in love in Israel!) when we decided to make a pitstop at my parents’ house for some candle-lighting. We’re such good Jews.

Speaking of good Jews, behold, one of my Hanukkah presents! My dad gave me this - yes, that is the 2011 Nice Jewish Guys Calendar. I am not going to lie, I opened it and quickly flipped through it and then felt slightly ill because I am almost 100% certain that I’ve exchanged pleasantries with one Mr. November on fucking JDATE. F my life.

I attended a holiday party, which was great because I got to eat chocolate and cheese and drink an entire bottle of strawberry Andre by myself. All class, I tell you. Here I am with some of my pals. Don’t we look great? More importantly, GREENE HAS BANGS! Omg. She looks even more like Kristen Bell than ever, with a dash of HilDuf thrown in as well. I had to yell at her throughout the evening to stop futzing with them and leave them alone, but I love them :) (PS. Speaking of hair, I am rocking the side part in this photo. What do yall think?)

Finally, I conclude with this photo of a veritable VAT of chocolate pudding that was quite delicious. On Sunday night I celebrate Hanukkah at my aunt and uncle’s house with family friends, and my mom’s bestie Arlene showed up with this massive tub o’deliciousness. I truly have never seen such an enormous bowl of pudding before, and in my excitement while serving myself I promptly lost my spoon within the vat. I ended up having to fish around the whole bowl with my (clean) hand, and discovered the spoon hiding at the very bottom. At least I got to lick my fingers!

I also made a trek to the Camarillo Outlets - I returned a pair of Kate Spade heels and picked up some fur lined gloves and a snow hat to wear in a few weeks while skiing in Denver. Looking through my camera, I am shocked that I didn’t capture another significant event - I had lunch at the Ontario Chickfila! How could I miss an opportunity to take photos with the cow? Clearly I was not on my A-game. Next time, I promise :)

Hope everyone's week is moving along. It'll be the weekend again before we know it!

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