Monday, December 20, 2010

We Met Kathy!

The bad news is LA is underwater. The good news is, I met Kathy Griffin on Friday night!

So as I mentioned last week, I bought tickets for me and GB to go see Kathy Griffin at the Gibson for GB’s birthday. The show was on Friday night, and a couple weeks ago people started mentioning they were going, too: my friends Reeny and Baker, some adorable gays I know, and coincidentally, my boss and her husband, too!

The show was hysterical. I LOVE Kathy Griffin - she is absolutely hysterical. I literally laughed the entire time she performed - which was two and a half hours! She’s a hard worker, that one. And funny as fuck - she made fun of all the people I love to hate, including Miley, Sarah Palin, Gwyneth Paltrow, Oprah... I was dying laughing. Amazing.

And then, the show ended, and a friend of mine invited me and GB backstage! We put on our yellow VIP wristbands and headed on back, where we promptly ran into Coach Bieste from Glee and DIED. I always say that Greene has celebrity radar - if there is a famous person anywhere in the vicinity, she knows IMMEDIATELY. Within 2.4 seconds of spotting Coach Bieste she was already making eyes at me and poking me in the side to pay attention. I am making it my personal mission to see all the cast members of Glee in person so it was nice to add one to the list!

And then, someone told us to follow them and we were ushered into a side room with a bar in it, where lots of fancy people and a million gorgeous gay men were milling about. And who was in the center, smiling and chatting people up and looking phenomenal with her gorgeous red hair but MISS KATHY GRIFFIN HERSELF! GB and I squeezed hands and waited patiently... and then lo and behold, she was right in front of us!

She was SO nice, and SO gorgeous! She is absolutely tiny in person and was honestly so sweet - we introduced ourselves and told her how much we enjoyed the show and she was just so lovely. We took our picture and left - how could we top that? - and as we stood outside chatting with friends, I announced that I now knew for sure that I needed to become famous, so people would pack into a room and stare at me while I stood in the center smiling and waving and signing autographs. Five seconds later Kathy walked out right next to us, waved, and hopped into her blue Maserati with yet another adorable gay and drove off, again reiterating my desire to be famous. IT WILL HAPPEN.

So it was a great night - hysterical show and then meeting the woman herself! I’ll never forget it. Special thanks to the friends who set it up for us! :)

Okay. Must go swim to work. It has literally not stopped pouring in Los Angeles since Friday morning and the rain is out of control! (PS. If you’re in the market for a new coat, mine is SO warm and has been keeping me dry - I really recommend it!)

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