Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Baby Shower Reunion Weekend Recap!

I can’t believe I’m doing this, but there will NOT be a Pink Wednesday post today - for the first time in literally months! Instead, I need to fill yall in on the Baby Shower Weekend! (Let’s also say a quick thanks that my internet decided to start working after a three-day hiatus).

OKAY! Here we go.

Gerrick arrived Thursday night, and was a huge help to me all day Friday as we started getting ready for the shower. We made all the desserts in advance (including these ADORABLE cookies which I will show you tomorrow) and then spent the afternoon shopping and having sushi in the valley - so fun! Then it was time to head to the airport for airport runs - in just a few hours (and miraculously with NO DELAYS), Joy, Julie, Stacy, Carly, and Floff had arrived and we were off to fill everyone’s craving at In&Out. Afterwards, we headed back to Anna’s to hang out, and Stacy promptly decided to force poor Anna into taking pregnancy photos - without her shirt on. I have photos, but I think it’s safe to say Anna would ban me for life and I would never get to see the baby, so I won’t be posting them here :)

Saturday was such a beautiful day in LA - almost 80 degrees! We had planned on seeing a movie, but instead we spent the day having brunch and walking around Montana. Have you ever tried shopping in a group of 10 sorority girls? I felt like I was on a fucking field trip. Every five minutes we had to stop because someone had to pee or tie her shoe or buy something or take a picture... it was insane.

Brunch at Cafe Montana:

Here is Carly and her East Coast skin soaking up the sunshine!

Shopping on Montana!

We then headed to Santa Monica so the pals could play on the beach... Obviously, this was not something Anna, GB, or I cared about, so we relaxed on the bench and took photos of silly Floff and Bracha doing jumping jacks and high kicks. Totally normal for a pair of 25 year-olds.

Obviously, a group shot overlooking the ocean!

That night after Bragman finally arrived, we headed out to Malibu for dinner at Taverna Tony and had a Greek feast and tons of wine. I am personally shocked that Julie did not get up to belly dance but dancing and other antics came later at V Lounge :)

Sunday morning was the shower! I promise way more pics tomorrow, but here is our beautiful pledge class celebrating Anna’s unborn son!

Did I mention that I am in an acapella group? Oh yes, Stacy and Julie and I have a group called the Rockingbirds. Our trademark is singing AWFUL medleys, complete with horrific dance moves, whenever the three of us get together. We’ve performed at Anna’s bridal shower, at our 4th of July reunion two years ago, a few weeks ago in Denver, and of course, we brought out the show for the baby shower as well. Stacy likes to tell people we’re available for engagement parties, weddings, and bar mitzvahs.... I personally am hoping Anna books us for the bris :)

We were dead tired after the shower - the rest of Sunday was spent giving the pals who weren’t staying with me a tour of my apartment, dragging Stacy away from the contents of my closet and mediating a small war between her and Julie in regards to a Laundry top I was giving away, and watching the Golden Globes while eating takeout. Such a fun relaxing night!

And Monday came too quickly :( we had brunch and walked around Beverly Hills before beginning airport runs.... I was so sad to see everyone go, but so happy everyone had made it to LA and got to enjoy the beautiful weather! Gerrick stayed an extra night, so I finally got to take her to experience The Bazaar... I don’t need to go into details but I will say she took a bite of food and started to cry. Yes, actual tears sprang to her eyes... that’s why she’s my bestie :)

Tomorrow I will post more pictures from the actual shower - you know I like to share photos of the food and the setup whenever I throw a party! Plus, the baby gifts I got for Anna are literally the cutest things ever, and I did a little photo shoot of them before I wrapped them up so I could post about them :) so stay tuned for that!

The first reunion weekend of 2011 was a truly fabulous time with my fabulous friends... I’m already looking forward to the next one!

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