Monday, January 31, 2011

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

I’m very impressed with myself right now - I managed to take photos AND get them up on Facebook in a timely manner (AKA, not several months later as I have unfortunately been doing lately). And now I’m sharing them with all of you!

Friday night began with a very special dinner at Jiraffe with a big group of friends. The eight of us met on our Birthright trip last January and in honor of our one-year anniversary, we decided to celebrate with a yummy fancy dinner out!

After dinner, we headed to Qs for my friend Blair’s birthday. Qs is not my favorite bar (always too many randoms and UCLA undergrads milling around), but we actually had a ton of fun and ended up staying til Last Call! Some highlights: not one but TWO girlfights, a sighting of a 7’5 gentleman, and finally getting the chance to meet my good friend Steve’s older brother, Sammy. Very fun!

Look at these precious faces!

On Saturday, I had brunch with Alexandra and then ran some errands with Anna (post office, Target, yogurt). Later that night, GB and Anna and I had dinner in Culver City, and then GB, Ashley and I went to our friend Matt’s housewarming party - he finally moved to the city!

That’s us posing with a very special surprise - when we walked into his new place, Matt yelled, “Jordan! I have your Hanukkah gift to give you!” I felt a little bad, since I had arrived at HIS party empty-handed, and now I was leaving with a gift! He is such a gem :)

He certainly knows the way to this girl’s heart - look at my new sassy mug! Remember when I blogged about it?! I love it!

(Speaking of the way to a girl’s heart, I need to give a quick shoutout to my dear friends Joy and Justin who got engaged this weekend! I am so excited for them - Joy texted me a picture of the two of them with the good news late Saturday night, and I gasped so loud Greene had to pull over :) So happy!)

Yesterday I had birthday brunch with Allison before heading off to check out the new Forever 21 at Fashion Square, and then it was time for some BABY HOLDING! My old coworker and dear friend Merav had beautiful Geffen Mia a few days ago, and she invited me over to meet the tiny human in person:

OH MY GOD was she precious. Naturally, I arrived with a gift (AKA, the girliest, ruffliest ensemble I could find), and the baby was absolutely adorable and SO good. I had forgotten how tiny a newborn is... good thing I had Geffen to remind me, since my baby will be arriving in a matter of weeks! (And yes, BTW, I refer to Anna and E’s baby as mine. Don’t question, please.)

All in all, a fun weekend filled with shopping, friends, fun, and a cute baby to boot :) Hope you all had fun too!


cara said...

has this made its way out west yet? thought you'd appreciate it...

idratherbeshopping said...

so cute! looks like a fun weekend :)


miss mal said...

I have that mug!!

Grace said...

Looking fabulous in your Navajo cardi!!!

xx grace

Sharon K said...

lol i know matt too! He used to work for me in Thousand Oaks. Small world!