Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Little Lilly Pink

I really love the blogging world. By reading blogs of women all around the country, I get exposed to so many interesting new things and ideas – restaurants I haven’t been to, stores I haven’t heard of, website I’ve never visited, etc etc.

I also think it’s so interesting how where you’re from can dictate the type of things you’re interested in, or even your personal style. A perfect example of this? Almost every single Southern girl whose blog I read is OBSESSED with Lilly Pulitzer. And I mean OBSESSED. They love it all – everything Lilly makes, they buy.

Me? Lilly is not my style. Lilly is not even on my radar! When I first started reading these blogs, I had no idea who LP was – I had to google her to learn more! And cute as the other bloggers look in the brand, it isn’t for me. I’m not preppy at all, and truth be told, although I love prints, I’m not fond of wearing things with animals printed on it. Plus, of course, I don’t have a Nantucket summer home or country club in Maine, so where could I wear this stuff?

BUT. Someone posted a few pictures from the latest Lilly collection a few days ago, and surprise surprise, there WAS something that I liked!

I think this sweater is just the cutest thing. I love the pale pink cashmere, the buttons on the shoulder, and of course, the big sassy lip print!

This is one Lilly item I’d personally love to own. Of course, I would need to inject a little LA style into it… Maybe I’d rock it with leggings and a pair of red Toms, or skinny jeans and my new motorcycle boots - either way I’d toughen up that sugary sweet pink!


Moosette said...

I too usually just like to browse LP... but that sweater I would definitely sport... and the fact that it is cashmere is a bonus!

Grace said...

so cute! I have to laugh because I was reading a bunch of the Southern / Preppy blogs and couldn't believe how much they love their Lily! I agree w/you - not usually my thing either - but this is a good one!