Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oooh Baby Baby

So the baby shower was great. Greene and Samantha (Anna’s friend from grad school) and I worked really hard to plan a special day, and everything turned out fantastic!

What we served: spinach artichoke dip, baked brie and a cheese platter, bruschetta/olive tapenade/goat cheese crostini, chinese chicken salad, pasta salad, chicken bites, and mini spinach & cheese frittatas. Delicious!

We couldn’t have done it without my mom’s help... I may be the Queen of LA, but she is the Queen of Parties! As usual, the Martha Jewart in her went a little overboard with the theme... I asked her to buy baby blue napkins and a tablecloth and the next thing I knew, she came home from Party City with fourteen spools of ribbon, tiny plastic pacifiers to tie into the place settings, and baby blue buckets filled with white flowers. How gorgeous does this table look!?

She also insisted on making little party favor bags for everyone and filled them with homemade chocolate-covered pretzels and oreos - in baby blue, of course!

We also had delicious desserts... my famous chocolate chip bread pudding and an adorable little jungle-themed cake:

And the WORLD’S CUTEST COOKIES - made by Gerrick! Seriously I have never seen anything cuter, and they were so easy to make - like even I couldn't fuck it up if I tried. If you want the recipe just let me know!

We really did have a great time - we ate and drank mimosas and opened presents and played Baby Bingo.... it was a very fun morning!

And now, I can’t help myself... I need to share some photos of the baby gifts. Listen people. Anna is one of my very best friends, and she is the first one out of everyone to have a baby. It is only natural that I, having a SLIGHT love of a mall, went a tad overboard in the “spoiling the baby” department. To be honest, my mom cut me off about six weeks ago from purchasing any more items of clothing for that child. But before she did, here’s what I managed to take home with me...

Let's first start off with a tiny Juicy Couture Baby cashmere sweater... with a crown on the back. Since I am the Queen, it is only natural that this child who I will love (and own 1/3 of) be outfitted in royal gear as well:

That cashmere sweater is to be worn with these tiny baby Joe's Jeans:

I love these Gap thermal baby clothes... the knees are reinforced with pads so when he starts crawling, his knees won't hurt!

Every baby boy needs a pair of camo-print Juicy Couture Baby Vans sneakers, right?

HAHA. Perfect for a 1/2 Israeli baby! (I realize that it is a tad gay to have a baby boy wearing sparkles... my friend Blair who sold me this onesie told me it was okay - "Jordan, all baby clothes are a little gay.")

This outfit is probably my favorite - a C&C polo shirt and matching khaki shorts! Perfect for a little southern gentleman!

A little jersey and a pair of corduroy pants, obviously.

How cute is this!? This is a Laughing Lily lovie and it is the SOFTEST THING YOU WILL EVER FEEL IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. When the fabulous people over at Laughing Lily heard that my bestie was pregnant, they sent over this little gift for me to give to her, and I'm not going to lie - I seriously considered keeping it for myself. I can totally see this becoming the little thing every child NEEDS in order to go to sleep at night - it's that cute and that soft. I want to thank the people at LL for giving this to me - make sure to check them out (they also have a Facebook page) and pick one up if you know anyone having a baby. It's the perfect gift!

Here’s Anna opening my gifts :) do you see the utter joy on my face? This child is going to be the BEST DRESSED LITTLE BOY in the entire universe if I have anything to say about it!

I can’t believe the shower is over... we’ve been planning for SO long! I’m so happy everything turned out great and I hope Anna loved it as much as we did!

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There will be a fine for you using my photography skills with no photo credit. Please check for a bill in the mail. Do not question the fine - just pay it. And it will be more than $10....