Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The White Elephant Returns!

You longtime readers will remember that a year ago, I co-hosted a White Elephant Gift Exchange party with my dear friend Alexandra. Well, last year we had such a good time that we decided to make it an annual thing, and on Sunday, the 2nd Annual White Elephant was held!

In a year, the party majorly grew – last year, we had about 15 guests, and this year, 30 girls showed up! It was a great mix of people – some of our high school friends, my friends from college and AEPhi, Alexandra’s friends from college and business school, our friends from our Birthright trip… a really great group.

We decided to make it more of a dessert party than waste our time serving real food (that probably would have ended up burned, knowing us), so our menu consisted of homemade chocolate bread pudding, cookies, rainbow sprinkle cupcakes, a cheese platter, baked brie, and a delicious sundae bar! I am mentally patting myself on the back for pulling all that stuff off… Alex and I are not known for our culinary skills.

Everyone schmoozed and ate and drank (a lot of wine) until it was time for the actual White Elephant exchange. We had asked everyone to bring the WORST gift they had gotten for the holidays, and people showed up with hilarious things – a feather duster, a Pornagami set (at one point in the exchange, I had this in my possession – until someone stole it!), movie posters, a Ped-Egg, a New Moon board game, stuffed animals, you name it.

Here are some cute photos – I was running around being a good hostess, but I got a few keepers!

The besties –
Anna left with neon slap bracelet watches, I got lip gloss, and GB got an iTunes gift card :)

Our friends from Milken - so cute!

Some of the July Birthright trip girls :)

The party was great and it was so fun hosting with Alexandra, because we got the opportunity to meet each other’s friends! Last year we had joked about making it an annual event, and I’m glad we followed through. I already can’t wait for the THIRD annual White Elephant Party!


Jennifer said...

SO fun!

Grace said...

this is such a fun idea!!! love it!
xx grace

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Every year in January, my former sorority alumnae chapter did a Tacky Re-gifting party where you had to bring the tackiest/worst gift you had received, wrap it in white paper, and we did it white elephant style. It was always one of our most popular events!

Your party looks and sounded so fun. You must be one awesome hostess!

Jennifer said...

cute pic of us! :)

Alexandra said...

this was the best white elephant party yet! can't wait until next year! since last year it was at your place, and this year it was at mine, where should we have it next year!? so much planning and so many decisions. LOVE YOU!

Anna said...

I will be sporting my slap watches this weekend don't you worry but you must take that picture down.