Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grammy Style

I don't take the Grammys as seriously as I take the Oscars. I did not watch them live on Sunday night, but rather, on rewind last night on my couch - fast forwarding through almost everything except the live performances.

Nothing Lady Gaga does shocks me anymore (and I love that bitch no matter what - womb or no womb!), so I thought her performance was just lovely. Cee Lo Green, on the other hand... WTF?!

My roommate and I agree that Gwyneth looked HOT. Loved the insane Louboutin heels, loved the tight black bodysuit, and ESPECIALLY loved the earrings. Girlfriend cannot sing for shit (and needs to stop trying), but those hot pink feather earrings? TO DIE FOR.

Naturally, I hit the internet to try and find them. Hers were made by Wilfredo Rosado and were probably nine million dollars, but I found some more affordable options for us!

Top row, left to right: Miss Selfridge, Rue21, Daisy Knights, Forever 21

What does all this mean? Expect to see me rocking a pair of feather earrings in the very near future. And if I can get myself a black jumpsuit and a pair of sick heels to match, all the better. I just can't promise that I won't be accompanied by a large rap singer wearing an insane feather contraption :)

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AndreaLeigh said...

I loved the CeeLo performance. The more over the top, the better! The muppets were hilarious and Gywnnie looked fierce!