Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Obsessed

Well! Another Oscars has come and gone. Did you all watch?

Oscar night is my FAVORITE night of the year - nothing I love more than sitting on my couch in my ballgown rooting for my favorite movies, eating yummy snacks, and talking about what everyone’s wearing!

Here are some of my picks for Best Dressed of the night...

I don’t really even know who Jennifer Lawrence is (I didn’t see Winter’s Bone), but she looked amazing. I mean, the entire look was flawless - there’s not a hair out of place, she accessorized perfectly, and the red dress is just insane. The new Scarlet Johannsen?

Camila Alves had never stood out in my mind as a great beauty or a major fashion icon in any way, but I thought she killed it last night in this black Kaufmanfranco gown! She looks so dramatic and elegant - I don’t even mind the over the top boobs! Plus, how could you go wrong with Matthew McConaughey on your arm (even if his spray tan was a little out of control?)

Umm... speaking of over the top boobs... For just having a baby a few weeks ago, Penelope Cruz looks amazing! I think it was really smart of her to go for a dark colored dress with a lot of embellishment - the sequined detail on her L’Wren Scott gown is gorgeous. My favorite part of her look was her hair and makeup - so simple, but so beautiful. Her hair looked so gorgeous, and she barely did anything to it!

As I mentioned last year, I like anyone who takes a little fashion risk on the red carpet (especially for the Oscars!), so I appreciate Cate Blanchett’s gown. The combination of the pale pink silk with the yellow beading on her Givenchy Couture gown is so unexpected - I love those colors together!

Okay - I know you’re all DYING to know who I think wins Best Dressed of the whole night :) Well, that honor would have to go to Miss Witherspoon:

Reese is UNREAL in this Giorgio Armani Prive dress. It’s like Barbie come to life! I love love love the high ponytail and the little pop of color from her emerald earrings, and the dress is so simple and gorgeous. She looks STUNNING. Remind me I want to look like that at my wedding, okay?

So that’s the fashion. As for the show itself? Uh, not my fave. I’m sorry, but if there’s one thing I’m taking away from that broadcast, it’s that I officially cannot STAND Anne Hathaway. And I agree with everyone else on earth that James Franco was high as a fucking kite.

But it was a fun night in the end - I had a ton of people over for a little Oscar party and almost everyone followed the “NO TALKING EXCEPT DURING COMMERCIALS OR YOU WILL BE THROWN OUT IMMEDIATELY” rule :) guess I scared them all with my threats. I served some delicious snackies and halfway through the show we ordered pizza, so all in all, a fun night!

I already can’t wait until next year’s show!

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