Friday, February 25, 2011

The Two Stalkers Are Back - With A Special Guest Post!

Remember these two lunatics? I know you do - quite a few of you told me how entertaining you found my two stalkers. Well, I'm glad you like them, because they're making another appearance.

This time, it's something good! The two of them got together while on vacation in Denver last week and compiled a little surprise for me... they sent it to me a few days ago, followed by several phone calls, text messages, tweets, and gchats, and essentially BEGGED for it to be published.

How could I deny them? Without further ado...

The Top Ten Reasons Why The Two Stalkers Love the Queen of LA,
and You Should Too!

10. A great distraction from work (but be careful that nobody is looking over your shoulder for fear they will mistake it for the Victoria's Secret or Pretty Pretty Princess blog).

9. It's a great conversation starter for a cocktail party (i.e. have you heard about those new organic juices out of LA? It's all the rage with the celebs including Queen of LA).

8. If it's Wednesday and you have nothing to wear, just consult the blog tag "Pink Wednesdays" for an array of choices (caveat: only works if in LA, as the post does not go live until 8:45 PST, as those of us in the mountains or in "the city" are already at work (PATIENTLY waiting for the blog update) and have hopefully already chosen appropriate Wednesday attire).

7. If you are lucky enough to belong to the intimate circle of 8493893894839 of the Queen of LA's friends and cannot keep all of her other friends straight, she has conveniently blogged about many of them - just check the birthdays tag to get a refresher course in the Queen of LA's entourage.

6. If you have the urge to infiltrate the mommy blogger community, just ask Queen of LA and she will hook you up, although she has never met them, she has somehow captivated their interest with her witty rapport (these guest bloggers believe there is a mommy blogger + Queen of LA meet up on the heard it here first, folks).

5. For any occasion (baby shower, birthday, white elephant party, passover seder, etc.) consult the Martha Jewart tag to wow and impress guests of any age, ethnicity or religion.

4. The queen loves to travel so she is full of wonderful travel tips that she so kindly shares with her readers. For example, if you're going to Vegas you can drop her name because she is there basically every other weekend (or might as well be) so the whole city (wait staff, bartenders, dealers, strippers, you name it) knows her. The queen and her mother have gambling addictions (fun fact!). These travel tips will not only help you with your personal travel escapades but also ensure that you sound smart (i.e. Did you know that Las Vegas during Christmas looks like "the North Pole exploded"? Did you know in Israel you can get the most delicious passionfruit smoothie?)

3. An amazing thing about Queen of LA is that she encourages her readers to give her feedback (only if its positive) so you can reach her in the following ways:,,, blog comment, parent's address (find the Queen here on Friday nights and many other days out of the year) (caveat: use constructive criticism wisely and sparingly, as she tends to get hotheaded and will threaten to not post at all #sigh #emptypromises)

2. Most of you don't know this but the three of us (the two guest bloggers and the Queen herself) were not always friends. Before this blog, "Jordan Silverman" was just another one of Stacy's (see birthday tag september 6th) short, loud, Jewish friends from college. But one magical day Stacy sent Robin this blog at work when she was bored (see #10) and the rest is history. What other blog can claim to make history?

1. UGH. This blog thing is EXHAUSTING. We're bored, distracted, ADD, hungry, tired and over it and we didn't even finish 10 things. Thank god for Queen of LA who never ceases to entertain, inspire, and awe us with her............again, we're tired so we'll leave you with that. Queen of LA is A-MAZING. #sushigirls4lyfe

Do I even need to tell you I laughed for HOURS upon receiving this piece of brilliance? Many thanks to Stace and Robin for the hard work they put into this (they have also suggested I use it for future marketing material. I'll keep that in mind.)

Hope this entertained you all as much as it entertained me - and hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

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Jennifer said...

Am I really the first to comment?? Wow, and here I thought there would be many a comment already. Anyway, this was a fantastic guest blogger(s) post from 2 crazy kids with a dream. I hope all of your dreams came true and more! ;)