Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Some Pink Fashion Advice

Today’s PINK is brought to us by my dear friend Lindsey, who emailed me a link to this stunner yesterday:

Isn’t it gorgeous?! She bought it to wear to her twin sister’s rehearsal dinner in April. I am obsessed! I love everything about it – the ruching, the draped shoulder, the gorgeous color (they call it “viola”).

When Lindsey first asked me if I liked it, my exact response was “Yup. I love it. I WANT IT!” and I am glad that she took my fashion advice and bought it immediately :) and now the best part is, she has to find a pair of hot nude shoes to go with it! Of course I offered my two cents on that matter also, which she was delighted with. Her only requests? She thought a nude shoe would look best, and she wanted to keep it under $150.

First I suggested these, which I ADORE and may need to purchase for myself. But Lindsey’s shoes for the actual wedding have bows, and she wanted something a little different…

So then I sent her a link to these, which I think are so interesting – you don’t see a sturdy heel like that very often, and I could practically guarantee that they’d be comfortable because of it (yes I am slightly anti-stiletto these days)…

Then I got slightly distracted and carried away once I laid eyes on this insane purple pair… what a GORGEOUS color! I told Lindsey that I knew she was looking for nude shoes for a more classic look, but if she changed her mind and wanted to make it a little funkier, these purple ones would be AMAZING. I am also considering buying these… so ROYAL, don’t you think? :)

The last link I sent her was to these :) she promptly wrote back and told me I was insane (they are almost $1200 afterall), but I couldn’t help myself. The only way to improve on such a gorgeous pink dress is to add some MAJOR sparkle!

OMG – blogger fashion advice? How fun! If any of you ever want any help with styling a certain outfit or buying something new, I would LOVE to help!

And no matter what shoe Lindsey chooses to go with her fab pink dress, I know she's gonna look amazing!


Lauren Fox said...

LOVE the dress! Jordan- I love the sparkle shoes.. they are more a 'me' shoe than a Lindsey shoe! Very good suggestions though!

native.LA said...

love u jordy and ur posts. is my site and blog