Saturday, April 23, 2011

Seriously, God Bless Texas

So! Where was I? :)

We arrived in Austin around 7pm Thursday night and headed straight to our friend Alyssa’s apartment. I’ve mentioned her on the blog before - she is two years younger, went to Arizona freshman year, and then transferred to UT, but we’ve always been close - she is fantastic and generously opened her doors to us to crash there for a night!

After dropping our bags off, we hopped into Alyssa’s car and picked up Justin and Joy! Then our whole car headed to The Salt Lick, a famous BBQ restaurant about a half hour outside Austin city limits. UHHHHHH.... YALL. IT WAS AMAZING.

Yours truly is, as we all know, a devoted F.O.S. (Fan of Sausage), but everything on the menu looked so good that I ventured out of my comfort zone and decided to get ribs! Here I am being “extremely LA”, in Justin’s words, and CUTTING MY DAMN RIBS WITH A FORK AND A KNIFE:

Here we all are after dinner - we went and saw Joy and Justin’s new apartment!

Originally, Gerr and I had planned on waking up early Friday morning and going to the outlet mall about an hour outside of Austin, but Joy and Alyssa threw a little fit and convinced us to abandon that plan - “Stay longer! Hang out with us!” Who were we to deny them? We spent the morning walking around South Congress street, going to the Kendra Scott store and some cute boutiques, and met Joy and Justin for lunch at South Congress Cafe for a DELICIOUS meal (Gerrick ate a quail sandwich and was very proud of herself).

Hostess with the mostest! Love and miss you already Lyss!

After lunch, we hopped in the car and headed east to HOUSTON! I was behind the wheel this time, and made Gerrick listen to 2.5 hours of Lady Gaga and Glee (I’m saving the real country music for our long drive to New Orleans). There was no traffic at all and it was a totally easy drive with the exception of one thing... did yall know that Texas has STOPLIGHTS in the middle of the freeway? Yup, you’re driving along going 65 minding your own business when all of a sudden there’s a fucking RED LIGHT in your face. Not so smart, Texas.

Gerrick took this of me singing my heart out on the road :)

But we made it to Houston in no time at all, in time to join the Rubenstein clan for a “Mock Seder” (yes, we are probably the only road trip in history to count a Mock Seder amongst our accomplishments and adventures). Julie’s younger sister had just arrived home from college and had missed the family Passover celebrations, so they had another Seder cum Shabbat celebration, and we were there to celebrate as well!

Us with Julie's little sister Lisa and her cousin Anna... WHY AM I SUCH A MIDGE?!

My next FART update will come from NEW ORLEANS and I am literally so excited I can barely contain myself. I have a feeling I might never come home :)

Hope yall are enjoying these posts as much as we’re enjoying having 'em!