Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Freezing Free City Pink

Am I dreaming? It is really pouring in Los Angeles? Wasn’t it just like five seconds ago when I was talking about how lovely it was in LA and how excited I was to spend my weekends laying out by the pool all summer? Didn’t I just post a picture of a fucking towel cover? What’s going on here? Who are you guys?

As I have discussed many times around these parts, I actually love cold weather. But not in May! Summer is so close I can taste it, last week I wore sundresses and sandals to work every single day, and now I have to put my boots back on?

me: i have wet hair and am cold

Jennifer: why do u have wet hair its raining and cold out lol

me: I KNOW. but i didnt realize it was going to rain today, as it is MAY and was so nice out a few weeks ago

Jennifer: i slept in sweatpants and a zip up lol

me: ME TOO! a thermal and free city sweats!

I wasn’t kidding about sleeping in sweatpants. I am what you call a “warm sleeper” – meaning wearing anything other than an oversize t-shirt to bed is cause for me to wake up in the middle of the night sweating profusely (hot, I know). But it was so damn cold yesterday that I whipped these out:

God, I love those sweatpants. My beloved Free City sweats have kept me warm for years and years and have only gotten more snuggly and comfortable with age. I also own them in white, grey, and green, but obviously, my favorite is the pink!

Finally, as long as we’re talking about the weather, here is how my phone call with Bailey went yesterday:

Me: “It’s pouring here.”

Bailey: “Well, you know, April showers…”

Me: “Bailey? IT’S MAY.”

Here’s to hoping this weather (and my sister’s apparent mental brain lapse) clears up real soon.

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LibbyBee said...

Jordo-- I love your blog. I am going to start following more regularly now that I'm on Google Reader. It's punchy and perfectly sarcastic. Not to mention stylish and funnnnnny. XO