Tuesday, May 24, 2011

NO SHOPPING MAY: Still Sucking Hardcore

Well OBVIOUSLY I knew this was going to happen. We are mere days away from the end of NO SHOPPING MAY and I am barely holding on. In exactly one week and one day I will be able to shop my little heart out… but that’s NOT SOON ENOUGH.

I have tried SO hard to stay out of malls and away from temptation! On Saturday my boyfriend and I were at the mall to see a movie and we walked by Zara, where they were RUDELY displaying a fabulous pair of hot pink patent leather wedges in the window. I let out a lous shriek and lunged for the door but he stopped me (AKA, grabbed my hand and dragged me away from the window) and I just have to tell you, those damn shoes haven’t left my mind since.

Also, as I type this, I am looking at J.Crew website and screaming “I NEED THESE SHOES” and he is laying next to me telling me to close the computer, I don’t need anything and I’m only torturing myself by looking. Well, try as I might, a fashionable girl has to know what’s out there, so I’ve been guilty of popping by the website a couple times in the past few weeks to see what’s new. So… what’s new? AMAZING BALLET FLATS IN ALL SORTS OF GORGEOUS COLORS AND PATTERNS, THAT’S WHAT’S NEW! I want these and these and these. At least one pair is definitely coming home with me in June.

I’m not even letting myself buy any little luxuries! Nail polish is one of those things that I’ve only gotten into recently, but ever since I started using color on my fingernails instead of a French manicure, I’ve loved picking out new shades to add to my collection. Currently, I’m rocking Essie’s Movers and Shakers (a bright, glossy pink) but I had to remove myself from a beauty supply store over the weekend when faced with Essie China Doll and Chanel Mimosa.

I curse each and every email I wake up to every morning from Gilt Groupe, HauteLook, Shop It To Me, Daily Candy Swirl, and all those other shopping websites. This morning, Net-A-Porter lured me in with the promise of “COLOR COLOR COLOR: Come See Your Monday Picks!” I made the mistake of clicking through and am now paying DEARLY for that mistake because I have now fallen in love with this little number from DKNY. It’s one of my favorite brands, one of my favorite colors, one of my favorite fabrics, one of my favorite styles, and I CAN’T DO A DAMN THING ABOUT IT UNTIL NEXT WEDNESDAY.

Must go sulk in private. Maybe I will drag a little bench into my closet and sit there touching my clothes and thinking about the new friends I will bring to join them next week. But I will not go buy anything. NO SHOPPING MAY, you will NOT defeat me.

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