Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Freaking Fantastic FART

Well, I’m back in LA and I can’t believe FART is over! That week seriously FLEW. Oh, and I still need to update you on the last leg of the trip!

We left New Orleans last Tuesday to head to Memphis. We got on the road early because we were a little nervous - all the weather stations were forecasting storms all day, and we were anxious that the weather was going to affect the drive. While Gerrick manned the car, I stared out the window on the lookout for a ditch that would protect us in the event we got caught up in a tornado (those smart Conroy women had warned us what to do if that seriously happened!) But lucky us - our entire six hour drive out of Louisiana, through Mississippi, and into Tennessee was absolutely gorgeous and the sun shone the entire time.

We got to Memphis at 5:30pm and literally minutes after we pulled into Jacob’s driveway, the sky opened up and it started POURING. That began the evening of terrible weather, complete with a TORNADO WATCH. We sat on Jake’s couch (in his new house which is GORGEOUS I might add) watching the news as it thundered and poured outside - and then the tornado sirens kicked in. Jacob, of course, was calm as could be, but I was freaking out - earthquakes I can handle but tornadoes are TOTALLY new to me. Jacob reassured me by pointing out on the map on TV that we were nowhere near its path, but it was still scary. As a good best friend knows how to do, he eventually distracted me by taking us out for Chinese food - we met Sharon, Adam, and Sophie for a late dinner and then came home to wait out the storm.

After a delicious sausage-filled lunch, Wednesday brought a lovely adventure - Jacob got a dog! He had gone to pick him out from the Humane Society a few days before we arrived and got the call that he was ready to pick up on Wednesday, so we trekked out there to get him!

Isn’t he a boo? I love him insane amounts. He is two years old and a Lab/Pyranese mix. Originally his name was Harrison but since Jacob’s dad is named Harry, we decided he needed a new name, stat. Self-proclaimed “dog-godmother” Gerrick actually came up with it... here I am with the newest member of the Samuels family, EARL!

Look at that face!

On Wednesday night we went out to a bar and played trivia (newsflash: I suck at trivia) and watched the Spurs/Grizzlies game, and on Thursday we slept late, finished packing, enjoyed a delicious sushi lunch, and then it was time to head off to the airport :( I did NOT want to say bye to Beckles. Here is the last official picture of the founders of FART 2011:

Anyway. Let’s wrap this up: I learned two things on this road trip. First of all, I SERIOUSLY love the south. In my past life I DEFINITELY was a Southern belle or some sort of debutante. And second of all... I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends, ESPECIALLY my beloved partner-in-crime Miss Rebecca “Winkling” Gerrick. After a week straight together, we still weren’t sick of each other and agreed we could’ve kept going for another week... THAT’S best friendship right there!

And now I’m home and can’t stop saying “yall” every five seconds, much to the chagrin of those around me :) I already miss my friends a million, but had so much fun - everytime I look at the pictures I smile! Thanks to everyone who hosted me and Gerr along the way - we had a great time seeing you and visiting your cities.

Oh, and nobody worry... FART 2012 has already been planned!


Cara said...

so what the heck does fart stand for?!?!??!!
looks like an amazing trip :) glad no tornadoes! and earl is such a cutie!

Diana M. said...

OMG! Too much fun! I'm so jealous, but thank you immensely for posting it all in such vivid detail and with pics so that I can live vicariously through you! What an awesome trip! And I'm with Cara - what the heck does FART stand for?! (And Earl is, indeed, a cutie!)