Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pool Time Pink

So the proposed high today is 89 degrees. Holy mother of a heatwave yall, summer is so close I can taste it! And so you know what that means... time for me to get a tan!

Last summer I had the BEST tan. How could I not? I was in Israel three times in two and a half months and basically spent the entire time climbing mountains and laying on the beach. My how the mighty have fallen...

LOOK AT HOW TAN I AM! And yes, I guess look at how handsome Sammy is.

But mostly look at my tan.

Anyway, yes. I am in dire need of a tan, so I’m already dreaming about long weekend days spent laying out in my background and swimming in the pool. I am also incredibly lazy, so when I head outside to get some sun, I bring everything with me so I don’t have to go back inside for a few hours - my cell phone, my sunscreen, a book, a glass of iced tea, my ipod... and of course, a towel.

I then spend the first forty-three minutes of my tan time attempting to arrange my towel in the exact way on my chaise lounge so that I am comfortable/not lying on hot chaise lounge itself/cushioned properly. It takes me forever to do this perfectly and inevitably leads to me getting sweaty and irritated.

Which is why when I saw this I totally fell in love:

What a genius idea! Why didn’t I think of that? This lounge chair cover completely eliminates the need for towel adjusting, has two huge pockets for all my tan paraphernalia, comes monogrammed, and is PINK AND FABULOUS. Plus, it’s less than $40! I would definitely consider this a summer essential :)

My friends always tell me that I am the hardest person to buy gifts for. Well, here you go guys! I am dying for one of these! The only problem is, my birthday is at the end of August... when pool season is already over and I won’t have any use for one of these. Shit.

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Cidney said...

OMG i must get one!