Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Pink Miracle!

Friends. Gather round, I have a tale to tell.

The tale starts out sad. Remember when I first posted about these shoes? Those amazing, electric pink, sexy beyond belief Dolce Vita wedges? And remember how I tried and tried and tried to find them but could not?

Those were sad days, my friends. Very sad indeed. It seems impossible but even I, Queen of LA and Master of the Shopping Universe, could not track those babies down. I hunted high and low and even threw several tantrums but alas, those shoes were not to be found. I resigned myself to the sad truth and told my sister (lucky biatch who scored a pair in her size) never to wear hers near me.


“I have a surprise for you! Come home immediately,” said my mother. Thinking perhaps she had ordered me an iPad (HINT HINT HINT HINT SOMEONE ANYONE), I rushed my tush home. As soon as I walked into the house my eye fell upon a large shoebox. “Open it!” she said. And open it I did.

And what did I find? There in front of me, an almost-EXACT replica of the Dolce Vita shoes… from TARGET!

TARGET! TARGET! For less than $30! How is this even possible? IS THIS A SHOPPING MIRACLE? I think it just may be.

The image from Target makes them look like they're a softer, pale pink.

WRONG! They're hot pink! See my shitty cell phone pic above for proof :)

No, this is more than just a regular shopping miracle. This is a PINK MIRACLE.

Thank you to my amazing mother for her spectacular shopping skills! I am proud to say I am her child.


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Holy heck. Your mother is the shoe angel. Those are gorgeous. And now I totally want a pair.

Orangies Attic said...

Definitely a pink miracle... and your blog is fabulous! Newly following, found you through the Average Girl's Guide. Come see me! Orangies Attic

Bonnie said...

Those Dolce Vitas are GORGEOUS. I can't believe how close the Target pair is to the original.
Now I have to go find that pair of Dolce Vitas.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Jordan said...

isnt it ridiculous how similar they are? if you find them ill be DAMN impressed! :)

Trianna said...

I'm a fellow shoe whore and I know what it is to hunt a shoe down and not be able to find it. I'm new to your blog and you're effing hilarious! Found you through Average Girls Guide and I'm a new follower!