Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Statement Pink!

That, my friends, is my goal in life. I just like making a statement.

I can’t help myself. Life’s more fun when you’re the center of attention, the one everyone’s looking at, the one making everyone laugh. I can’t ALWAYS be the star of the show, but I can certainly try :)

And I have to say that with these shoes, I KNOW my goal in life would be realized:

Hot pink. Patent leather. Lanvin!? Be still my heart. I’ll be dreaming about these probably for the rest of my life.

You guys? These are Statement Shoes. Capital S. They are the ULTIMATE in attention-drawing, people-staring, gasp-inducing. They are totally made for the star of the show. And for the girl who loves making a statement, I think it’s a perfect match!

1 comment:

blair said...

I think you should get them... they are on sale!