Thursday, July 7, 2011

“Fashion Show! Fashion Show! Fashion Show at Work!”

In the interest of keeping things around here sassy and interesting, I thought it would be fun if I showed yall what I wear to work every day!

There was also a real life important reason for doing this, in addition to me getting to pose for the camera and pretend to be a supermodel. It has been so hot lately that all I want to do when I get dressed in the morning is put on something easy and light and comfy. That’s all well and good, but I had been looking in the mirror when I was at work and thinking that I looked sort of shlumpy… and that is NOT what I wanted to go for.

So I convinced my pal at work Melody to document my ensembles (AKA, take my picture) every day before we left the office. That meant that every morning, I popped out of bed and spent more than fifteen seconds selecting my clothes, shoes, and jewelry, which actually led to me feeling more put together throughout the day. A win win!

I’d like to thank Melody for her hard work, expert photography skills, and overall assistance with this project... you’re the best Melods :)

So here we go!


Gap wide-legged jeans

J.Crew ribbed tank top

Nine West espadrille wedges

Splendid cardigan

Vintage turquoise pendant necklace


Target shirt

Corey Lynn Calter skirt

Cathy Jean sandals

Vintage bead/pearl necklace


Forever 21 flowered dress

Forever 21 cardigan

Dolce Vita sandals

Vintage gold tassel necklace


DKNY black maxidress

Target cardigan

Dolce Vita embellished gladiator sandals

Vintage gold tassel necklace

Could this potentially be a new feature for the blog? Is this something you’re interested in? (AKA, seeing the contents of my wardrobe in addition to me making silly and often idiotic poses?) If so, please let me know :)

(By the way, if you know what the title of this post comes from, I love you intensely. You get 500 bonus points!)


Anonymous said...

I love this! Definitely a great addition!! You look amazing!!

LJA said...

Love it! Any & all work fashion inspiration is welcome :)

Oh & Kelly from the Office, of course!

cara said...

totes love it! and love the dresses!

Marta said...

Fashion show! Fashion show! Fashion show at lunch! (I say that like... maybe 2x a week... if not more)

Marta said...

PS LOVE the idea of posting your outfits!

Sarah Blitz said...

Ahem I was waiting for this post since last week! And where are teh pics of your wonderful coworker/boss/friend J.?

bailey said...

kelly kapoor fashionista

ABM said...

love your outfits! you should def make this a regular thing! and maybe you'll even inspire me to put some thought & effort into getting ready for work in the morning, ha!

Jennifer said...

Come help me figure out outfits fir work every day!! :)